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Criticism | American Gods- Season 1

Ancient Gods vs Technology Gods

American Gods made a great debut, your pilot episode it was impressive and managed to capture the essence of the great book of Neil Gaiman. The series managed to maintain the same quality throughout the season, with impressive episodes and a good narrative that fits perfectly with the beautiful look of the production.

None of this comes as a surprise, since the adaptation brings the great premise of Neil Gaiman, which delivers a surprising plot in his work, and is made by Starz, one of the only current channels that allows heavier and more shocking scenes, which are the key to success in correctly representing this interesting story.

American Gods
American Gods | Image: Starz

Investing in abusing surrealism, but leaving Shadow (Ricky Whittle) from the outside, is the secret to keeping the narrative interesting. The character represents the audience, who is gradually discovering the explanations for the huge amount of elements that are presented, making it much easier to understand when there is a need for a more complex explanation.

The plot continues to focus on Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), which is trying to recruit new allies for a war it intends to start in order to regain the fame of the ancient Gods and the worship of the people to them. As life became easier, they started to be forgotten and are being affected by it. As they are in America, there is the question of being less adored than technology, which opens an interesting discussion and leaves the gap for a battle between religion and the dependence on electronics.

The season maintains its somber tone, with moments of comic relief and does not skimp on scenes that need an almost uncensored exposure of both violence and sex, including one of these scenes that was so well represented that it generated many public comments. After all, they are Gods, of all possible cultures and cannot be censured in their customs.

There are some changes regarding to Gaiman's work, most additions, mainly in relation to Laura (Emily Browning), which gains much greater prominence and a slightly different past. Some added moments - mainly due to the need to extend the plot for other seasons -, even give a greater suspense to the series, but the great highlight is the open use of Jesus. Neil Gailman mentions that he thought it logical to use Jesus in his book, because it covers several religions and how could he leave out the great name of the dominant religion in America? But the author was afraid and withdrew the appearance, leaving only as an extra in the special edition of American Gods. However, the Bryan Fuller is not afraid to dare and uses her image at various times, including in a discussion about stealing another Goddess’s Easter…

Crítica| American Gods- 1ª Temporada 1
Jesus in American Gods | Image: Starz

If the performances were good for the pilot, they now look spectacular. There is no slip or unconvincing moment, either from the known cast or from the Gods that are featured in the new episodes. The narrative of how a new God arrived in America at the beginning of each episode was maintained, another striking feature of the series, which managed to maintain the interesting original division.

Another interesting fact is the soundtrack, which accompanies each character since the first episode. Keep an eye out for each appearance and the music that represents your personality appearing together.

American Gods it only managed to improve throughout the season, delivering an exciting and promising outcome for the continuation. It is a bold, quality production with great characters that you can easily conquer.

Thunder Wave note
A série mantem a qualidade e continua interessante durante toda a temporada.


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