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Criticism | Friends Forever

With a mysterious ending, the recently launched Firefly Lane, conquest from beginning to end twins "

In such difficult times, when we are far from everything and everyone, watching plots that remind us to cultivate relationships of true ties is always good. Plots that address relationships of friendship, companionship and troubled romances are great at any time of the year. These are stories that move, captivate, amuse and make us reflect on our choices, especially when we identify with the characters. In addition, plots that involve these characteristics are sure to attract public attention and win the audience so loved by producers.

Netflix started the year with everything and one of the novelties of this month is a recent adaptation, the series Friends Forever. Based on a homonymous novel by Kristin Hannah, also known by the original English title, Firefly Lane, the production addresses a story of a friendship between two women that started in adolescence. At different times until the present times, which take place in the early 2000s, with them in their 40s, the plot develops and we get to know a little of each one.

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Image: Disclosure / Netflix

Have you ever had the feeling of meeting a person with whom you wanted to share every moment of your life? Don't you feel alone? Have someone you can count on? Different from a mother or father or even siblings? I got that feeling when I watched the story of Tully Hurt (Katherine Heigl) and Kate Mularkey (Sarah Charlke). They are the personification of “soul mates”, who after meeting each other on a street called Firefly Lane, never separated, regardless of their life stories taking different paths.

Each character has its story. Tully is like a hurricane. Wherever it passes, the attention is likely to be a rising star. Kate, on the other hand, is the typical 'nerdy' girl, clumsy and supporting story, and always the target of bullying. Furthermore, it is on the family basis that we see how much this family relationship can influence the girls' lives. Tully Hart lives with a mother addicted to alcohol and drugs and who is unable to show any sign of affection. While Kate Mularkey lives with a married father and mother and a brother. And it is from there that the plot gains spice and we see that a lot that happened in the first two decades of the girls' lives, are carried for life.

The most exciting point of the plot is the professional choice of best friends, journalism. Perfect, isn't it? The positions of each of them are entitled to the personalities. Tully, communicative and afraid to show feelings, always wanted to be a reporter, anchor and TV presenter. Kate, on the other hand, insecure and shy, was in production, besides being a great writer. The difference between the two was never a reason for the friendship to grow, so much so that they follow the same profession and work together in the same place.

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Roan Curtis as Kate (young) and Ali Skovbye as Tully (young) in Friends Forever / Image: Disclosure / Netflix

The plot shows us a friendship relationship cultivated over the years based on companionship, care, affection, loyalty and fidelity that many love relationships will never reach, but which is also a fragile relationship. Each participates in the life of the other, with a lot of companionship and loyalty, but the differences camouflaged at the beginning, end up appearing and from time to time causing disagreements.

With different timelines as in This Is Us, it is normal to see past, future moments mixed with the current time and this ends up being a way that captivates the viewer's attention. And to help with this mix of timelines, the post-production and makeup features are attributes that contribute to the realism of past or future scenes. However, in adolescence, in the 70s, they are interpreted by teenage actresses. One detail is the concern of the scenes in which the girls spend their adolescence, they seem to have been filmed almost 50 years ago, referring to a warm tone palette such as yellow, orange, more vivid tones and times the feeling of having been recorded during Sunset.

In the following years, Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl take on their characters. In the age group of 20, the actresses receive a treatment that softens the age marks and makes them look younger, as if it were some filter that we slightly perceive has been touched. In the 2000s, in their 40s, they are in their natural forms, with marks of age, which demonstrate the maturity of the characters. And all this dynamics makes the experience of watching the series more and more real and natural. After all, are we born, grew up, matured, and got old?

⁠People like us are unable to lead normal lives, and when we try, it kills us. - tULLY

Did Netflix get this adaptation right? It seems so. The series Friends Forever is among the 10 most watched titles on Netflix during its release. The plot manages to amuse, thrill and comfort those who watch. But it also addresses tough situations like a scene of rape, harassment, abortion and liquid relationships. In addition, friendship problems that result from an intense coexistence, since they are together in personal and professional life. At some point it works well, but then when one starts to intrude on the other's life and the tension is only greater because of the current moments in each person's life. While Tully has a successful professional life, Kate does well in her personal life, these are choices that can be explained by the family base of each one.

Thunder Wave note
Plot with very current and important themes to be debated, captivating protagonists and side, remarkable moments and exceptional soundtrack, Amigas Para Semper has a mysterious and unexpected ending and we are looking forward to Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey telling us what happened. Netflix has outdone itself.


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