Last Thursday (15), the Brazilian cinemas debuted the second film of the new franchise of the Wizarding World of JK Rowling, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, sequel to the first film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016). The potterheads appeared throughout the country, even after two days of pre-release, to relive the magic and nostalgia of being a fan of Harry Potter.

With just over two hours and ten minutes, Rowling, the creator of the entire fantastic universe we’ve seen in all seven Potter books, delivers a dynamic, creative and electrifying film. It is impossible for you not to shiver with the action scenes, with the spells uttered and/or references. In fact, what spells, my friends, what spells!

The special effects are breathtaking, so it’s well worth the financial investment to watch the feature in 3D, IMAX, XD or other technologies beyond 2D. The movie asks you that. And although it has all been filmed with these new technologies, it is not only the main scenes that make use of them, as well as throughout the film, including the most tranquil scenes and we see an interesting depth.

The scenarios are realistic, the costumes of impeccability – and have been extended and improved in quality as expected since the first film -, the nuclei are of an absurd quality and our highlight goes to the witch community that lives within the Paris from 1927, where you have access through a statue, which serves as a portal to access it. Although it was only a few minutes, the Arcanus Circus deserves all the merit of beauty and creativity.

In fact, all the credit also goes to the duo MinaLima, who since the Harry Potter franchise, can reproduce exactly what the mind of Rowling thought. Incidentally, here is our tip for you that enjoy art design, visit the House of MinaLima in London. The duo has a kind of museum where all his work, including Fantastic Beasts, are on display for the public. They are posters, illustrations, book covers, arts in general.

The way David Yates directed The Crimes of Grindelwald, it’s nothing like the way that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the last four Harry Potter films were directed. It’s as if Yates wants to try something new, to dare, to venture into a new way of making movies. Why, the script asked for it, that it was different from the others. Yates is known for having a “round” way of making movies, that kind of standard direction. In The Crimes of Grindelwald, he basically throws the rules out the window and makes everything fit perfectly with what we saw.

Rowling‘s acting as a screenwriter for the second Fantastic Beasts was criticized. The Rotten Tomatoes website, one of the world’s most famous film and television reviews, and a reference for so many others who venture into criticism, rated the film an average of 40%, which for fans, who know and they love the Wizarding World, it’s a very low note of approval.

The last day of November 9, happened in Brazil, the press booth of the film where Warner Bros. Pictures, invited several journalists and entertainment columnists; bloggers; youtubers and digital influencers to watch the movie – even before the preview – and then produce content about the feature in their respective vehicles. And what we saw, was a flood of negative criticism of the film and especially, Rowling.

On Twitter, much has divided opinions. They had the fans who liked them, others they loved, and still others, they hated. Some have said that the screenplay for the film was “empty, lackluster, uncreated, punctured, and that Rowling as a movie writer was a handsome author of books“. There was also, who said emphatically, that the author “needed a consultancy to write scripts and that needed improvement, because what we saw in more than two hours could have been solved in an hour and forty minutes of film“.

The fact is that for us, Thunder, the movie pleased. And Rowling was able to deliver a movie beyond what was expected. The show surpassed our expectations and the fact that the best was saved for the final, did not disappoint. The impression we had is that we were watching a book, it was like opening a manuscript and the pages jumped onto the screen. Rowling dared to write a completely different script from the first Fantastic Beasts and who claimed that nothing happened during the show’s run, did not watch the same movie as us.

A lot happens yes and the movie, it lives up to the title. Johnny Depp delivers a cruel, cold, calculating Grindelwald with a fascist speech and features and puts Voldemort with all due respect, in the slipper. The first crimes the villain commits are in the first scenes of the film and he does not stop – you have to watch to understand what crimes the wizard makes. When watching the film, it is clear why Warner and Rowling themselves have strongly argued for Depp‘s stay in the cast – we can not put any warm cloths on what happened between the actor and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.

Another actor who also managed to express the true essence of a character, was Jude Law. Young Albus Dumbledore appeared much less than we would have expected, but in all his scenes, a real acting show, was delivered to us. Law is the real Dumbledore that Rowling wrote. He could, without a doubt, star in a solo film for the character, as well as redo the Potter films someday and play an older Dumbledore.

Still about casting, it is worth mentioning the talent of the main quartet of the film. Eddie Redmayne, Dan Fogler, Katherine Waterston and Alison Sudol are (and continue) incredible with their respective Newt Scamander, Jacob Kowalski, Tina Goldstein and Queenie Goldstein. It is as if they had made these characters for years and in a reunion, like magic, they exploded talent. There were some fan-services too and who would we say would finally see Nicolau Flamel (Brontis Jodorowsky)? For believe me, the famous alchemist and inventor of the Philosopher’s Stone, is not in the film just for decoration.

As well as the animals of Newt, who for this film, did justice to the title and put their magical and animalistic talents to game. It is still very beautiful to see the interaction, his treatment, love and care of the magizoologist with his fantastic fauna. New animals are in the film and they are completely efficient so that the course of history takes the course that it has. And see what each one is capable of doing in 3D IMAX, it’s fantastic!

Speaking of novelty, the new actors and actresses who joined the cast, are of exquisite craftsmanship. The characters and performances by Callum Turner and Zoë Kravitz are incredible and do not compare to the trailers and synopsis released. It is necessary to watch them in action in addition to understanding the plot, understanding the motivation of each one within the plot. And if that “I love you!” of Leta Lestrange does not thrill you and does not make you understand that there are still good people inside the Slytherin, honestly you did not understand the movie. Here’s a riddle: For whom do you think Leta said that “I love you!“?

We suggest, to those who have not understood anything and who have left the cinema full of questions, to review the film, because besides being very worthwhile, it will make more sense watching the show a second, third or even, fourth time.  We also suggest that you trust the genius and creativity of JK Rowling, because everything will work out and make a lot of sense in the next three films. Finally, the film pleased, surpassed expectations and entertained. And we can hardly wait for the next, that unfortunately, only in 2020.


  1. Olha… Ou vc está sendo pago pela Warner (ou querendo agradar assessorias) ou faz parte da pequena minoria de pessoas no mundo (os fãs chatos) que viram esse filme diferente… rsrs Porque não é possível que o longa mais cagado de toda a saga do Mundo Mágicos dos Bruxos de JK receba tanto elogio sem motivo assim… O pior roteiro de todos, o twist mais tirado do cu que existiu e falhas absurdas fizeram o filme que a maioria das pessoas assistiu. Por isso é bom sempre separar o lado fã do lado crítico na hora de escrever…

    Aliás, JK fez sim um novo jeito de escrever roteiro: sem sentido; sem começo, meio e fim; com fan service a torto e a direito o tempo todo e twist ruim”. Sendo que, na verdade, nem é novo, né? Ela está seguindo tendências da indústria… E o objetivo todos já sabem qual é: $$$

    • Olá, tudo bem?
      Então, uma crítica é algo muito pessoal e 100% parcial, diferente de reportagem/matéria/notícia, que possui caráter imparcial. No nosso caso, temos uma equipe em que dividimos a tarefa e caiu para mim, a responsabilidade de assistir o filme e escrever a crítica.

      Para que isso fosse feito com 100% de certeza, o filme foi assistido duas vezes por mim: legendado e dublado e das duas maneiras, obtive o mesmo posicionamento, entretanto, a segunda experiência assistindo o filme, sobrepôs e justificou a primeira, fazendo com que a história que foi exibida, fizesse mais sentido e que resultou no trabalho atual, que foi a crítica.

      O Thunder entende perfeitamente que existem pessoas que não gostaram do filme, não entenderam ou até mesmo, encontram-se até o momento, com caraminholas na cabeça, tal como o Chapéu Seletor disse a Harry, nos adventos de “Câmara Secreta”. E é natural ter tudo isso, sentir tudo isso. Imagine se uma obra, aberta ou fechada, em multimídia ou artigo, fizesse com que 100% dos seus consumidores, gostassem ou não gostassem? Não teria graça alguma, não acha?

      Todo tipo de argumento é válido, aceito e ponderado. No nosso caso, o filme agradou e muito, superou nossas expectativas e sobrepôs em qualidade e aprofundamento da trama, o filme de 2016. Como foi dito, tudo fará sentido nos próximos filmes da franquia. E quando tudo terminar, assistiremos em formato de maratona e mais sentido ainda, fará na nossa mente.

      Obrigado por seu comentário! 😉
      PS: Quem nos dera ser pagos pela Warner. hehehe


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