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Annabelle 3: Back home, is the latest film in the horror universe created by Warner from Invocation of evil (2013). The film tells how the doll finally arrives in the hands of demonologists Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), and the problems that come along with the doll.

Gary Dauberman (Annabelle, IT: The Thing and the nun) once again shows that he knows how to direct a horror film, creating an atmosphere of tension in the scene very well, the feature still has several clichés of scares from horror films, but unlike many works of the genre, it presents a story that generates an emotional charge in the arc of some characters, causing an approximation and empathy with them. Especially with Judy Warren (Mckenna Grace), which ends up being one of the highlights of the film.

The costumes and sets are again positive points, as they had been in Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil (2017), in which these elements took us to the 60s and 50s respectively, now place us in the 70s.

But as not everything is flowers, the plot loses the chance to value some characters that could have an interesting backstory for the plot, and ends up not creating a relationship with the spectator, as for example in the case of Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman).

The script still has some continuity errors, such as Mary Ellen's asthma, which is shown at the beginning but is left out in most film, but this and other minor continuity errors end up going unnoticed amid so many scares, and distress.

Overall, for fans of the first two films in the franchise, the third is a full plate, and follows the same formula, a horror with strong scares, despite having a focus on character plots that can be considered everyday in the midst of everything. the supernatural presented, and has several moments of comic relief, this ends up making the feature lighter than its predecessors.

The story still explores a little more of the Warren couple's daily life, and if it depends on all the artifacts, and documents that were shown in the couple's house, we can still have many derivatives of this universe based on the cases in which they acted.

For the most curious, and fans of the couple, the ending can be considered a low blow, with a brief tribute to Lorraine Warren, who passed away in April.

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