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Criticism | Annabelle 3: Back Home


The family Warren back to theaters with Annabelle 3: Back Home. Gary Dauberman, screenwriter for Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil, returns as director of this sequence, the seventh project in the universe The Conjuring.

Starting from the acquisition of the doll Annabelle by the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, the actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga and her transportation to the family home that ends only when the doll is locked in a holy glass box and Lorraine declares that the evil has been contained. In the same place we can see other objects that are part of the couple's supernatural acquisitions.

What could go wrong in a house with hundreds of haunted objects locked in a room? Apparently nothing. The problem starts when the couple's daughter, Judy (Mckenna Grace) is left alone in the house with the teenage nanny, Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) It's your friend Daniela (Katie Sarife).

Annabelle 3 | Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The plot is very simple, with elements typical of this series of films such as jump scares. Some are more predictable than others, some that do not happen by breaking a little of what is expected by the general public, creating an atmosphere of suspense and apprehension that is excellent for films of this style.

The idea of having several of the spirits faced by the couple as opponents again is underused and insufficient in many moments. The lack of explanation and context of the objects and their attacks make the spectator not understand the relationship between them. Some are more easily connected, however, others remain disconnected and unexplored.

The film maintains the quality of production in the universe, but the weak history makes it a little dull and even unnecessary and forgettable for not adding anything new. It remains, in fact, to wait for the next releases in the crowd that bring something new and that renews the stories that have been and will be told from now on.



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