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Criticism | The Panthers

Good morning Charlie! Good morning angels! If you felt a twinge of nostalgia with these lines, know that we have a new universe of The Panthers coming to theaters, this time bringing Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott, in addition to the surprising direction and participation of Elisabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart among other big names that make up the cast.

Crítica | As Panteras 1
Sabina, Jane and Elena | Sony Pictures

With production by Sony Pictures, the film brings the plot that we already know, three girls who work for the Townsend agency fighting evil and not skipping in the action scenes, however, in this remake we see some slight changes that have been adapted, now being the international level Townsend agency, so we can see other panthers working in other countries as well, which gives a very feminist touch, which is clearly the intention of the new feature.

In the new story, Sabina Wilson (Stewart), Jane Kano (Balinsnka) and Elena Houghlin (Scott) embark on a mission to stop criminals from stealing a new technological energy program from the market that can be used as weapons to threaten humanity. The combat scenes are well executed, always with the emphasis on women and how they can fight and stand out before men. The unfolding of the story is also more interesting with uncomplicated and not monotonous scenes, very well directed and scripted, fulfilling the proposal of the film, in addition to the charisma and humor of each of the characters, eliciting some laughs in the course of it.

Crítica | As Panteras 2
One of the best scenes from the movie with Sabina, Jane and Elena! | Sony Pictures

Without many spoilers, The Panthers is a production can surprise many viewers who do not expect much from the new film, the remake is not a faithful copy of the feature film released in 2007, starring at the time Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, and it shouldn't even be, it brings the plot that we are already familiar with but with its own peculiarities, with a lot girl power and making it clear that it is necessary to have more films like this, bringing more and more women into the cinematographic scene. The Panthers revolutionized the issue of strongly addressing feminism in its history, from the excellent casting even on their soundtrack, which they also chose to do only with women.

The new feature of As Panthers certainly promises to bring a touch of nostalgia and surprise to theaters. Ah! And be sure to watch the scenes shown between credits, it contains great participations.

The Panthers arrives in Brazilian cinemas on the day November 14.



The Panthers
The Panthers returned with lots of action, friendship and a lot of girl power!


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