Come to the national theaters The Kitchen, a movie directed by Andrea Berloff (indicated to the Oscar for Straight Outta Camptom: The story of N.W.A), adapted from the comic book story The Kitchen by Vertigo stamp from DC Comics, brings into the cast names like Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaid mission), Tiffany Hadish (Girls trip) and Elisabeth Moss (The handmaids tale).

The movie is set in the 70’s in New York at Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, Kathy (McCarthy), Ruby (Haddish) and Claire (Moss) are depicted as the wives of Irish gangsters that end up being arrested by the FBI investigators, making the protagonists take the spaces left by their husbands, leading the mafia.

Having to deal with family and lack of money, the three of them start the work to control the neighborhood and end up get involved in negotiations, threats and deaths, characteristics for a good action movie.

As Rainhas do Crime | Image: Warner bros. Pictures

The feature film knew how to characterize the feminist role, as we see female main characters that dominate an area predominately male, through a time when your image was constantly decreased, with well placed scenes by Berloff and, with the good old fellowship of partners in crime, the movie mixes the genres of drama, comedy and suspense and may surprise the viewer with scenes worthy of gangster movies, manifesting the strength of the three characters over the gangster they deal with in the plot. The director also didn’t spare dramatic scenes between the protagonists and their husbands, creating a pleasant climate between some violent scenes, which doesn’t make the movie appealing.

Produced by Warner Bros. Picture, the movie is recommended for those who appreciate a good adapted work, being very well executed by the direction and producers.


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