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Review | Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys for Life, the third film in the franchise, was released on January 17 in the USA and has so far raised around U$ 80 million. After 17 years of the last film in the franchise, this year is the continuation that promises to accompany the latest adventure of the already known detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) that continue with the charisma already seen in previous Bad Boys features.

The main plot begins when Mike starts to be pursued for revenge. Feeling affronted, the policeman wants to find out who threatens him, so he asks Marcus for help, who does not want more violence or anything like that, his priority is to retire and dedicate himself more to his family. Both are at different times. However, in the course of the scenes we can discover more about the motivations of Mike's enemy and the risk he is taking.

Crítica | Bad Boys Para Sempre 1
Bad Boys for Life | Image: Sony Pictures

The production had a great concern in exploring the time that elapsed between one film and the other. As it has been almost two decades, the plot presents the growth and evolution of the lives of the detectives and everyone around them, like Marcus' daughter, who is already an adult and the secondary characters who have aged, including the protagonists themselves. This fact is even highlighted in a speech where the captain points out: “Boys? Are you sure you are still so young? ”.

The time that passed for this duo is highlighted in several moments during the feature, mainly in the comic parts and in relation to Marcus, the character that, as usual, brings more humor to the narrative. 

Crítica | Bad Boys Para Sempre 2
Bad Boys for Life | Image: Sony Pictures

Another noticeable point is the change of season. In this new feature, there is the addition of the AMMO squad, more modern police officers who make greater use of technology equipment to help the pair of detectives find Mike's enemy. With AMMO, the cast gets reinforcements with young police officers to be part of the team, which are: Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) and Charles Melton (Riverdale). Among the additions are also Kate del Castillo (The Queen of Trafficking), Jacob Scipio (Deep Sea Fury), Paola Nuñez (The Son) and DJ Khaled.

The script bets again on the predominant characteristics in all the films of the saga, invested in action scenes with explosions, shots, blood and everything that the theme allows to use. However, a more explored point is the emotional moments and the reaffirmation in some moments of the strength of the friendship of detectives Mike and Marcus, who feel like brothers. Those who followed the franchise will feel nostalgia and will be able to enjoy the narrative a lot, since it has all the ingredients that made the Bad Boys become so famous. 

However, one point that can be negative is in relation to viewers who have not watched the previous features is the little use of the new plot due to the excess of previous references. Several scenes and lines have connection with the predecessors, mainly in the humor scenes where it is possible to notice the relationship between one film and another. However, it will not harm the understanding of the main plot and those who have not seen will not be harmed, as these connections are very subtle.

Bad Boys for Life will be released on January 30 in Brazil.

Thunder Wave note
O longa traz todas as características já conhecida da franquia de Bad Boys: ação, explosões, cenas cômicas e até mesmo algumas cenas emocionantes.


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