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Review | Bob Spit – We Don't Like People

Longa was awarded at the international animation festivals in Ottawa, Canada, and Annecy, France


Books, plays, including comics, are often a fundamental source of inspiration for the audiovisual industry. From comic strips to the movies, the work Bob Spit: We Don't Like People it mixes stop motion, comedy, documentary and road movie in a single production that is present at the 45th São Paulo International Film Festival, and we can say that what it promised to deliver… it succeeded. In addition, the production won the top prize of the Show Contrechamp, in Annecy, which is the biggest animation festival in the world.

In Bob Spit: We Don't Like People, the humor and typical aesthetics of the work of angeli, the feature intersperses moments of animation with the cartoonist's own testimonies in a kind of interview, harmonizing Bob Spit's fictional story with the documentary on how the cartoonist's creation process took place, which recalls moments from the past. 

The film is very honest in portraying a moment in life that comes to any artist, the creative crisis. In the film, the protagonist Bob Spit, an old punk, trying to escape from a post-apocalyptic desert, which is actually a purgatory in the mind of its creator, cartoonist Angeli, who is going through a creative crisis.

Bob Spit – We Don't Like People takes place inside and outside the cartoonist Angeli's mind / Reproduction Koala Films

The film had its first session at the 45th International Film Festival in São Paulo, on Saturday (23), at the CCJ Ruth Cardoso, at 7pm. After that, other sessions were held at Petra Belas Artes (25/10, at 1:30 pm), at Espaço Itaú Augusta (27/10, at 4:00 pm), and at the Vao Livre do MASP (10/29, at 7:30 pm, free session). 

Great news for those who are fans not only of the character, but are curious to venture behind the scenes of an animated production, you can check out the workshop "Bob Spit – production processes of an animated feature“, whose registrations have been open since last Wednesday, 10/20, on the website of Show and will feature the film's director, Cesar Cabral, along with other professionals from the film's team, giving the workshop that will take place online between October 25th and 28th, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The objective is to present the universe of stop motion animation and its particular characteristics in audiovisual production, and the lecturers will address different stages of carrying out a production of this genre. At the workshop, Cabral, will talk about direction and stop motion dolls, and Leandro Maciel, from the script; Alzier Barbosa, of photography; and André Abujamra and Márcio Nigro, about music

Access on here to register.

The film has the dubbing of Cortaz, Paulo Miklos, André Abujamra, Grace Gianoukas and Laerte. It is interesting to remember that the work gum with banana, one of the most irreverent comics of the 80s. Angeli, introduced many of his ideas, including anarchist punk Bob Spit with his look that never goes out of style: Mohawk and leather jacket. The comic came to sell more than 120 thousand copies per edition. Other famous characters of the cartoonist are the bohemian diva Rê Bordosa and the hippie duo Wood & Stock. It is worth remembering that the cartoonist became famous in the 70s with the launch of political cartoons in the midst of the Brazilian military dictatorship and with an acid sense of humor, he represented the society, daily life and customs of Brazil.

The pop invasion of the world is represented by mutant and carnivorous Eltons Johns / Reproduction Koala Films

Director César Cabral, in his third stop motion collaboration with Angeli, where the cartoonist is in a kind of wandering in the reencounter with his characters. Here, Angeli talks about his trajectory and between a scribble, a sip or a sip of drink, he decides the paths the characters can take and the adaptation allows the viewer to enter the story due to the reactions of each one and the fact that the world being dry of original ideas and having been corrupted by pop (little monsters a la Elton John reference this movement) is something quite remarkable. Furthermore, we see that Angeli feels the echo of the popularity coming from the characters, who try to survive the artist's crisis in creating more and more problems and how Bob Spit's punk resistance reigns over it all.

A brilliant insight was the participation of the comic artist's wife, Carol, who fills the gaps in the story when Angeli is fed up with recording testimonials in her studio. There is also a very punctual participation of Laerte, which also serves to fill in some information. The film is fluid, amuses with acid humor, the characters are interesting. However, the soundtrack that could dare and be a standout aspect… is dull. We have the Titans, but they alone are very few. There was a lack of whimsy at this point. Another thing that would have made a difference would be the greater participation of Rê Barbosa, or even a larger portion dedicated to the Kowalski brothers – both with the voice of Paulo Miklos.

Bob Spit: We Don't Like People will be released in Brazil by Vitrine Filmes, with national premiere on November 11th.

Thunder Wave note
criticize-bob-spit-we-don't-like-peopleThe film is a more adult film with a punk feel, fun and very current. With amazing characters, the direction and script are well tied, the voiceovers are perfect. The only thing that makes the feature 100% not complete is the soundtrack that could have been more daring when contemplating more hits from the 80s punk era, other than that, it's good entertainment to remember the good old days of Bob Spit.



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