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Criticism | Good morning, Veronica - Season 1

Based on the eponymous book by Raphael Montes and Ilana Casoy, Good morning, Veronica is the new bet of Netflix. The national series deals with violence against women and very relevant issues, while presenting an interesting investigation of cases that were based on real events romanticized in the book.

The plot is centered on Veronica Torres (Tainá Müller), a police officer who works in the bureaucratic part of the police, but starts an investigation on her own when she witnesses a suicide that brings up issues of her past. While she helps in the case of a man who cheats, drugs, steals and takes advantage of women he met on a dating site, she comes across Janete (Camila Morgado), who lives an intensely abusive relationship, where her dangerous husband (Eduardo Moscovis) is an influential guy and a real serial killer.

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With an exciting pace, Good morning, Veronica it captures the viewer while showing well-reviewed criticisms and important messages. Going beyond the police, the work presents moments where the prejudice against women is striking, when the feminine side is not heard, when their problems are not important and, mainly, the image that everything is the woman's fault. In several scenes it is evident how the priority is to look like everything is right, and not to protect women who need help.

This criticism is so strong in the series, that we can notice these behaviors being applied even by women, who, because they have a higher status in their career, think that they can underestimate the problems of others and treat them as inferior.

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The script team, supervised by the writers of the book, get it right by touching these points, without trying to impress with the visual and focusing on showing the emotional and psychological side of the trauma suffered. This message is even more striking with the support of great performances. The entire cast team beautifully delivers its part in the plot, leaving the work very apprehensive and profound.

Good morning, Veronica debuts as a cry for help from all women who have suffered any type of abuse in their lives. Its objective is evident, so much so that the company certainly endeavored to place at the end of each episode the contact that should be triggered by women who suffer some type of violence.

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Instigating and profound, Good Morning, Veronica deals with important matters and provides a great service to society.


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