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Review | bridgerton season 2

One of the most anticipated sequels has arrived and it brought a lot of glamour, current songs in classic versions and a lot of tension, in addition to romance, of course. the second season of Bridgerton was watched for 193 million hours by subscribers to Netflix during the last weekend.

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The information is from the streaming service itself, reproduced by Variety. Which is no small feat... the data reflects that in its first three days in the catalog, the sequel to the period series has already reached almost 1/3 of the audience that its predecessor registered in 28 days. Another important fact is that Bridgerton's initial episodes accumulated 625.5 million hours watched in the month of its premiere, between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. But even with a heated audience, the plot still insists on some errors that should be reviewed.

In this second season, the narrative revolves around the second book of Julia Quinn, The Viscount Who Loved Me, and tells the personal drama of Anthony, the older brother and also what needs to get married and keep the family in line. The impasse here is that the good guy doesn't believe in this true love thing and to make matters worse, he has closed himself off from the world around him. Always acting rigid, not allowing himself to show his feelings and missing the chance to feel the small pleasures of life. Until someone awakens interests in him that he never had. 

We can see that it is a more mature, tense, more hectic and slower season than its predecessor, so the sequel gives up some facilities that were seen in the first season. Here, although the romantic and sexual tone are present, they are not the plot's concern. The relevance of the work focuses on the duty and honor that take Bridgerton beyond the fame he acquired in his first year. Not that the first visit to the Bridgertons isn't splendid, the story of Daphne Bridgerton, lived by the talented Phoebe Dynevor and the duke Simon Basset, paper and Regé-Jean Page, was the door for this series to become a hit on Netflix. However, the internal drama of older brother and viscount Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey, manages to be more interesting by focusing on deeper dramas and not just focusing on hot scenes.

In Bridgerton's sophomore year, Anthony is ready to get married and Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) seems to be the perfect candidate, if not for Kate (Simone Ashley), the girl's older sister, who has an aversion to Anthony. However, from contempt, an unlikely love is born between Anthony and Kate, reminiscent of his own Pride and Prejudice, and the couple walk the eight episodes to acid arguments and sweet displays of affection. Despite this, the novel happened very slowly, which hampered the development of the work a little, causing the end to be run over again by the poorly stitched events.

Bridgerton | 5 motivos para assistir e 2 para passar longe da 2ª temporada  na Netflix
The Sharma sisters will have their hearts hooked by Viscount Anthony / Reproduction Netflix

Here, the sex scenes of the first season give way to a sexual tension that suits our protagonists very well. Throughout the episodes, the exchanges of glances and the light touches at the endless London high society balls that Kate and Anthony demonstrate have a perfect dynamic, a fiery chemistry that could never have been imagined without the good acting of the actors. 

The acting feels much deeper. Jonathan Bailey brings a much more centered Anthony this season, away from the “taker” we previously knew. The viscount is not only in charge of the family business, but assumes obligations to his brothers and to his mother, putting his duty and honor even above his own happiness and wishes. On the other hand, Kate, played by Simone Ashley, with his defiant and adventurous way, managed to hook the spectator who was already expecting a strong protagonist and clashing with Anthony whenever necessary, but just like the viscount valuing his family above all else.

Although the couple of protagonists are so different, they share very visible similarities and this whole situation is a perfect hook for the atmosphere that was developed in the work. The drama of each, the duty of each to their families is what makes the plot have a deeper, sagacious and penetrating weight. 

Another refreshing detail is the influence that gossip has on the period universe developed in the Bridgerton series. Soon, Lady Whistledown is back sharper than ever, but this time her stories end up hurting some characters and the author of the gossip is revealed – a bad thing, because it could take a while for this revelation to happen, since the writer gave the plot a little more spice.

Since it's not about secrets, London's great gossip is Penelope Featherington, Interpreted by Nicola Coughlan, still in love with Colin Bridgerton, role of Luke Newton and best friend of Eloise, character of Claudia Jessie. In this second year of the series we better understand Penelope's motivations and how she moves to be Lady Whistledown. In the same way, Julie Andrews is back in its reverent narration making the events at Bridgerton true events to be witnessed and shared.

Bridgerton: Confira todas as músicas da trilha sonora da 2ª temporada!
Nicola Coughlan and Claudia Jessie are Penelope and Eloise in Bridgerton / Playback Netflix

As with the first season, the series doesn't focus on every component of the Bridgerton family. Here, Eloise comes to prominence for her first time in the wedding season, but the girl's desire is not a wedding. She is dedicated to unraveling and discovering the true identity of Lady Bridgerton. Another brother who gains notoriety is Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson), the second oldest, who aims at his dream of being a great painter, but who also has his days of struggle.

Something that could have been subtracted, but gained more focus than it should, was the forged love triangle that could have been cut, as it wouldn't be needed since in the book it's not quite like that. The path Colin's character took also didn't please. The adaptation has undergone very radical changes that do not match the original work. Unfortunately, the new wave of episodes took some of the shine off some characters like Francesca Bridgerton Interpreted by Ruby Stokes, who has one of the most complicated family histories. The protagonist Kate also had her traumas pilfered from the adaptation. Consequently, much that could have been in the adaptation was left out making the result 100% not pleasant.

Another curious fact that generates a lot of strangeness is the absence of the Duke. Daphne appears in short moments, but the good guy from the previous season is only mentioned and no one bothered to explain the boy's disappearance. Despite this, the previous protagonists are little missed, as the plot manages to sustain itself very well from the rest of the cast. lady danbury (Adjoa Andoh), Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell) and Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel), for example, are a competent trio that support the plot.

A point not far off the curve is one of the characters that stood out the most, especially in the last episode, Lady Portia Featherington (Polly Walker). Even though it was a boring and bizarre character, it was perfect. It's another woman who shines in the series.

In terms of photography, costumes, scenery and soundtrack, the second season maintains the quality of its predecessor. The feeling of recognizing Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and Madonna in classic arrangements is priceless. Simply passionate the impeccable work by the classic versions. The perfection in photography and scenery were evidenced in each episode and the costumes, makeup and hair are breathtaking. For these questions… NOTE 10.

In fact, Bridgerton's second season has some mistakes that come from its predecessor. A few sharp cuts of chronological turn, situations justified by illogical reasons, situations forged in an unconvincing way may displease a little, but it would be boring to summarize the series by its setbacks. The second season of Bridgerton tries to be a true romance of the period, of those that even Lady Whistledown would be moved.

Thunder Wave note
With a new path being charted, Bridgerton season two suits its characters to tell a story about duty and love. The production remains very good, with excellent costume and hair work, and the soundtrack still bets on the great pop hits in classic arrangements, which gives Bridgerton a contemporary and historical aesthetic at the same time. However, some mistakes that should have been avoided were repeated and this compromises the final result that we see on screen.

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Review | bridgerton season 2With a new path being charted, Bridgerton season two suits its characters to tell a story about duty and love. The production remains very good, with excellent costume and hair work, and the soundtrack still bets on the great pop hits in classic arrangements, which gives Bridgerton a contemporary and historical aesthetic at the same time. However, some mistakes that should have been avoided were repeated and this compromises the final result that we see on screen.
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