Child’s Play is the new film by Norwegian director Lars Klevberg, responsible for Polaroid (a 2019 film and a 2015 short film).

A remake from the 1988’s movie of the same name, featuring the same characters, but with a different premise. In a more technological society, Buddi is a doll that integrates all products from its company, and it’s capable of learning and keeping company to people, especially children, integrating itself to the family’s routine and helping to make it easier for everyone. On the production line, underpaid employees with abusive bosses, leads one of them to unlock all the security protocols of one of the products. That’s what’s necessary to install the terror in a family.

Karen (Aubrey Plaza) is the mother of a 13-year-old, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), who has a hearing impairment. Realizing that her son has no other friends, she picks up one of the returned dolls from the store where she works to give him as a gift. Giving the name Chucky, the doll and Andy create a bond that will cause problems for everyone involved with the teenager.

Brinquedo Assassino | Imagem: Imagem Filmes

Different from the mystical part of the 1988’s film, there is no other culprit than technology and its misuse, with an unmoderated learning interface, Chucky will make what’s necessary to keep Andy as his best friend, eliminating everyone who hurts the boy or who can take his place as the number one.

Bringing in this problem and keeping the strong scenes, with a lot of blood and violence it is a pleasant surprise for a remake, which managed to incorporate the present time and retains the essence of the previous film. It is a movie for those who want to know the franchise, and for those who are already familiar with it to review with a theme closer to their daily lives.

Like other genre films, it brings no big surprises and nothing very innovative. But for those who like it, it can be a good choice, being average and also without any strong points worth mentioning.


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