Cate Blanchett, who plays famous architect Bernadette Fox in the movie Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, Introduces us to a character with a difficult personality that only one person understands: Bee, his daughter who has an arduous mission throughout the plot.

The film tells the story of Bernadette Fox, a brilliant woman, a loving mother, but with a tough temper. Her neighbors hate her, and she is considered antisocial, and oddly enough, Bernadette does nothing to change that impression. She is married to Elgin (Billy Crudup), a computer genius and nerd idol, but is an absent husband and father. As the plot unfolds, we see Bernadette’s relationship with other people and realize that there are two Bernadettes. The first was young, happy, creative and very sociable. It is possible to see flashbacks and during a story, a kind of documentary about a construction that the architect had designed and that had a terrible end. And the second, an ironic woman, still brilliant, unsociable and we can see that she has difficulty opening up to people.

Something very remarkable is her high reliability to the virtual assistant. If she needs clothes or medicine she asks the assistant to arrange it and preferably to be delivered at home. So far so good. We do this when we shop online at Mercado Livre or Riachuelo. But her relationship with “Manjula” is a confidant. She talks to the virtual assistant like a diary or a close friend. Strange, right ?! No. We do that too. Many times we are so connected with technology and we forget to pay attention to who is really on our side.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette
Elgin, Bee and Bernadette 

The problem begins when Bee asks as a gift, for completing his studies with top marks in all subjects, a trip to Antarctica. For Bernadette, who is already tired of everything and everyone and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, this trip is the last straw. Within days of the trip, Bernadette disappears without a trace or trace. Bee, who considers her the best mother in the world, will make no effort to find her mother and to make it happen, she will need to find out who this woman she thought she knew. Their connection is beautiful. But it’s bad that you can’t communicate, you open up. The most curious is who Bernadette asks for help. And yes, we have the real feeling of feeling what the character feels. It’s a feature that touches our soul in a way.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? It is well scripted and has an amazing soundtrack. Who has never felt like turning on airplane mode and disappearing from the map? From this movie, we began to pay attention to things that we didn’t realize before as phobias of crowded places or the troubled affective relationship between couples or even with other people, such as the unbearable neighbor who behind the laughter also hides their sadness. internal. And with the movie we realize that.


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