This Friday (21), Netflix has launched in its catalog, the film Bird Box. The film is based on the book by the American author Josh Malerman. Bird Box, is the debut book by Malerman, released in 2014.

When announced that the book has won an adaptation for a film by Netflix, the euphoria of readers has been divided by the seizure, after all, any novel adapted as a series or feature film, causes a certain fear of the work to be well adapted. Sandra Bullock was chosen to live the protagonist of the film and caused even more anxiety.

Bullock is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and also, the most charismatic among fans. With a discreet life and away from the spotlight, the actress only turns news after attending TV shows, giving interviews to newspapers and / or magazines or when she participates in events to publicize some work.

With Bird Box, it was no different. A mother of two (Louis and Laila), Bullock traveled the world alongside the cast to unveil the feature, including Brazil, during the Comic Con Experience in December. One of the most anticipated CCXP panels, the one from Netflix, the actress came with Trevante Rhodes, actor with whom he shared scenes in the film.

About the movie

For just over two hours, the viewer follows the saga of Malorie (Sandra Bullock), where along with a select group of people, fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The film was divided into two parts where they are interlinked: present and past through flashbacks. However, the past becomes valid, in the film, so the viewer understands how the whole crisis in the film occurred, until in the final stretch of the film, the present time becomes the main means of telling the story.

A plastic artist and single mother, Malorie lives a quiet and unpretentious life among her paintings, paintings and paintings. His sister, Jessica (Sarah Paulson), convinces her to go to the hospital to perform an ultrasound – until this point in the plot, Malorie is pregnant. On TV, the sisters watch the news that a strange force makes people mad, acting strangely. It is just at this moment that the film starts.

Confusion and a real chaos, is presented to the viewer and is made to understand that when looking at something, his eyes are transformed and who looked, commits suicide in absurd ways: throwing himself from the top of buildings, throwing himself in front of cars in movements, punching with sharp objects, for example.

The big secret is to not look at such a thing, so all characters keep up with sales over their eyes. It is impossible to detach the eyes of the screen to know the shape of the thing that causes all this madness. Until Gary (Tom Hollander), a mysterious man and until then survivor, joins to the others with the justification of is in search of a shelter.

It is at this moment that there is the change of the plot, it takes place from the birth of the children. Five years later – and you will perfectly understand this passage of time and mix between flashbacks and current time, children grow up and are given the names of Boy (Julian Edwards) and Girl (Vivien Lyra Blair).

Malorie becomes a somewhat stern but understandable mother. Her protective instinct and willingness to live make her train the children in the “jungle survival” style. The other instincts, such as hearing and smell, are ascertained-given the time in which they must remain blindfolded.

The ending of the film is thrilling, touching and at the same time electrifying. Bullock‘s acting is compelling and makes anyone who watches the film feel the same as his character. Tom (Trevante Rhodes) is incredible, his presence in the film is extremely necessary, in the right dose, as well as the acting of the actor. You will feel great when, well, watch.

Another highlight is John Malkovich. His character, Douglas, is a bitter man, frustrated sentimentally and cold. The loss of his wife, early in the movie, does not make him cry or feel his departure. “She was my wife!” He will say to Malorie in a trivial way. The talent of Malkovich will make you feel a certain anger of your character, but calm down: just like Trevante, his role is fundamental.

Although small, the participation of Sarah Paulson is extremely beautiful. And touching. It is no news to anyone that his character sees this and ends up having the same fate as the others who saw it. That look at Malorie, will break your heart into tiny pieces. It would be nice to see more scenes of flashbacks with the actress – the chemistry between Bullock and Paulson is notoriously incredible. The two repeat the partnership of performance since Ocean’s Eight.

Visual elements

From setting to costume, everything was very realistic. The special effects in the right measure to convince the viewer that such a thing exists. Its presence is remarkable through leaves, like someone invisible or swirling. I believe that in the book there is the description of such occult force that causes chaos, but for those who have not read Malerman’s novel and just watched the adaptation, the art team has drawn countless forms of such a monster on paper: an excellent the idea, thus, who watches, knows the various forms that such evil force possesses, giving the idea of ​​who sees it, sees in different ways.

Susanne Bier‘s direction is impeccable. Hollywood really needs more talented women in charge of great productions. The woman has a different look at every thing in question, even in life. Bier‘s talent exudes from the most dense scenes, past tense ones and comforting the viewer into the more tranquil ones. Details that if the film was directed by a man, it would probably not have the same impact. The talent of the cast is undisputed, but under the command of a filmmaker / director, comes out.

Bullock, in addition to acting, signs the executive production and his talent is indisputable. In scenes he does not need to talk about, his looks and facial expressions are real words. When first released and shown during CCXP 2018, the first reactions after the movie were shown were the same: “Sandra Bullock is amazing!“. Without a doubt.

Final considerations

Of course, a film adapted from a book, will always please some and not others, but Bird Box, fulfills its role. The essence of Malerman is all expressed in the script of the film. It is as if the pages had been transposed to the screen, subtly and truthfully. The film is touching, thrilling, electrifying and you will not want to miss reading the book, which will surely come to mind in the actors’ physiognomy.

Do not open your eyes unless it’s to watch the movie.
Surely you’ll wonder why the “bird box”.

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