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Review: Dear White People - Season 1

This series was only talked about last weekend, when the Netflix released a controversial material in his catalog. In fact, everything that involves black people takes on a gigantic proportion. This is because not only blacks, but like anyone inserted within the LGBT acronym, women, fat people and other “minorities”, decided to act by themselves as if it were in a unique movement in favor of better rights, recognition, respect and mainly, a daily self-affirmation.

The series Dear White People (Dear White People) is not what can be called “novelty”. It arose from an independent film of the same name, which unfortunately did not reach Brazilian cinemas. The feature approached relevant topics in a clear, ironic way and with a language “aimed at young people”. Netflix saw that the film yielded good reviews - despite the astonishment of many when they had contact with the work - and produced a series of ten episodes, with thirty minutes each, in a kind of deepening of the characters that appeared in 2014.

Crítica: Cara Gente Branca - 1ª Temporada 1
2014 movie

It is not necessary to watch the film first to understand what is going on or what the plot is about. Both in the feature film and in the series, the author will use certain important and playful devices to address racism, racial and even sexual intolerance. Why can't a black person relate to a white person? And why can't blacks be homosexuals? I once heard that “black people are at a level which, most of the time, they cannot be because they are 'deified' or stereotyped as someone who is a standard of virility simply because he is so equal and human to any other man of any race“. Does it justify many things?

Well, Dear White People accompanies the daily life of a group of students from an important university belonging to the Ivy League - group formed by eight most important universities in the USA, known worldwide: Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard and Yale - the latter are perhaps the best known, including, Rory Gilmore from the series Gilmore Girls, wanted to study at Harvard since the age of eight, but chose Yale under the influence of his grandparents - from a Halloween party, where white students dressed up as blacks adopting the old practice of blackface, those in which white actors painted their faces with cork charcoal to represent blacks in theatrical productions, which for many, is abhorrent.

Cara Gente Branca 1ª Temporada
Dear White People Season 1 | Image: Netflix

Highlight for the narrator who, in a comical way, releases some spoilers of what comes next. But everything in context, nothing that takes the shine off the production or makes the series boring or angry with the narrator. Each character will bring their point of view of a certain event and the first episode entitled “Chapter I”- and from there, the 9 other chapters -, Samantha White (Logan Browning) gives your view of the facts. Then it's the characters' turn Lionel (DeRon Horton), Coco Conners (Antoine Robertson), Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P Bell) and finally, Reggie Green (Mark Richardson) - the performances are incredible, and as all dramaturgy is, it happens to those who watch it, a reality of the facts mainly because it takes place in an academic environment.

Whatever is spoken from now on may sound like spoiler, precisely because the series brings a flood of references to historical moments, as well as their representatives. Not to mention the vision that each spectator will have when faced with the stories and conflicts that the work will bring through the eyes of each character. If you want a bath of representation and black and female empowerment, especially in the current society to which we are inserted, I would not fail to watch Dear White People nor by a decree. It's empathy, you know? It is to understand how black people are treated, it is seen through the eyes of those that many times, "life is easier".

Dear White People really pleased. Mainly because it doesn’t bring that “lenga-lenga” flashback to two hundred years of slavery or "oh, how we are victims of a system!" and blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, “dear white people”, or black, brown, yellow, pink, blue… watch this series beauty soon and as the iconic former president of the United States said, in a speech: “Yes, we can“.

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Cara Gente Branca addresses prejudice in a direct and effective way.


  1. Very detailed review! I’m always very interested in films because they have the power to make us reflect on society in such a didactic way, best documentaries that there is. I watched these days to Say her name: Sandra Bland's life and death and I was very impressed, it is very well done and the story impacts and holds us from beginning to end and shocks. Worth it.


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