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Criticism | Invisible City

Marcos Pigossi, Alessandra Negrini, Julia Konrad and Cia, bring the humanization of the most loved and well-known characters of Brazilian folklore

In 2001, folklore was recorded in the audiovisual by the television series Sitio do Picapau Amarelo. Based on the great work of Monteiro Lobato, was broadcast for years by broadcaster Rede Globo, in which, it left some actresses and actors marked until today.

Brazilian folklore returned to the screens in Invisible City, the new Brazilian series was made available on Netflix at the beginning of February, and since then has not left the top 10 of the most watched on the platform, even occupying the top 1, in addition to being a subject even on social networks. For the time being it has a single season, due in seven episodes lasting about 40 minutes each. This makes the series succinct and further piques the viewer's curiosity. The work is produced by the director, already nominated for an Oscar, Carlos Saldanha and it has the participation of big names in cinema and Brazilian soap operas such as Alessandra Negrini, Marco Pigossi and Jose Dumont.  

The mystery of the first episode is what will take you to watch until the end. Something catches the attention of Gabriela's daughter (Julia Konrad) and the protagonist of the series Eric (Marco Pigossi) that makes her go to the woods of Vila Toré. From there, a fire spreads and when trying to save her daughter, Gabriela ends up dying leaving a question in the air: how did she die? Such a question permeates until the fifth episode and who goes after the answer is her husband Eric, detective of the environmental police of Rio de Janeiro. 

Crítica | Cidade Invisível 1
Eric and Márcia come across the pink dolphin on the beach / Netflix Playback

One of the climaxes of the series takes place in the first episode when Eric, in search of answers to his wife's death, finds a pink dolphin on one of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro. Something unusual, since such animals are more common in freshwater. Thereafter, Camila (Jessica Cores) and Inês (Alessandra Negrini) which are none other than Iara and Cuca.  

The next episodes bring in a still very interesting way the stories of the best known (and even beloved) characters of folklore, like Saci (Wesley Guimaraes), Iara, Tutu Marámba (Jimmy London), better known as the Bicho Papão until it reaches the also famous, Curupira (Fábio Lago). Such characters have always been very well received and defended by Gabriela, unlike Eric who was always very skeptical. 

The mysteries remain in the series and the legends are increasingly connected to the real world. Since we have Cuca as the owner of a nightclub, Iara, who is part of the nightclub as a singer, without forgetting Saci, the boy who can't even see a child cry. This was the most evident point in the plot, bringing folk stories to the real world, assigning value and visibility to Brazilian popular culture.  

Saldanha brings this juncture showing the daily life not only of the folk characters who, although they have their powers are people of flesh and blood, he also highlights the life of a policeman who deals with the absence of his wife, and with the disagreements with the chief of labor. In such a way that this same policeman, through his professional investigative capacity, discovers that no matter how much he tries to escape and discredit folk legends, they are increasingly connected to him.  

During the series, Vila Toré starts to be pursued and the idea that the village is not a good place, comes to be questioned, since a large construction company proposes to destroy part of the village, seeking its own financial benefit. In addition to highlighting this union of worlds (real and fantasy), the idea of valuing forests is also observed in the plot, since legends preach the idea that such characters have a certain connection with it. As from then on, the criticism that is raised in the series about the devaluation and the promotion of deforestation of forests is noticeable. It is worth raising a question, how far does the so-called patriotism go? Once we turn our backs on the forests, we no longer see how harmful deforestation is to fauna, flora and everyone around us. 

On social networks, viewers are considering the idea that there will be the second season of the Brazilian series, which is already a success in several countries. Information on this subject has not yet been released, meanwhile, if you haven't watched it, run because Invisible City  has everything to surprise you.  

Thunder Wave note
The series was already a success on Netflix, launched on February 5 and since then has not left the top 10 of the most watched series on the platform. It teaches us not to deny our culture and preaches the valorization of forests and the end of deforestation.


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