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Review (WITH SPOILERS)| Spider-Man: No homecoming



The most awaited feature of the year, and maybe of the decade, premieres today, because Spider-Man: No return home it carried many mysteries and rumors, and this type of movement can be a huge tool for the studios in marketing and promotion, at the same time it can become a weapon if a work does not fulfill the created expectations.

The film closes the first webhead trilogy in the universe Marvel of cinemas, and like the two predecessors is the result of a partnership between the Marvel Studios and Sony, and carried this enormous responsibility, since, beyond expectations, the film had the mission of removing the bad impression that left most of the fans in Spider-Man: Far from home.

And the hero's new movie takes place exactly from the last post-credit scene of the feature, the exact point where

And the hero's new movie takes place exactly from the last post-credit scene of the feature, the exact point where J.Jonah Jameson (JK. Simmons) reveals that the person behind the hero's mask is the young man Peter parker (Tom Holland), causing enormous chaos in the young man's life.

The consequences of this are very well explored in the film, and this creates an even greater proximity with the protagonist, creating a more humanized Spider-Man, living up to the formula that made the character gain a space in the hearts of fans since his creation.

The film delivers the essence of the character that was so lacking in some moments of the MCU, taking him out of the shadow of the Tony Stark and turning him into Spider-Man who has great powers and great responsibilities we've known for decades.


A maturing of the character as Peter and as Spider-Man is clear, and this is intensified in the new feature, which works very well with the character's dramas, taking the franchise and also the Marvel universe out of its comfort zone, taking risks with more dramatic scenes heavier than usual in the publisher's films.

And the script works well with alternating tones, between a joke and a tense moment in the plot, translating for the spectator the exact feeling of the characters in the scene, and an example of this is the scene that, among several villains, the spider sense it sharpens, and for a moment you forget you're watching a movie and feel like Peter Parker himself.

Despite a simple premise and motivations that could be resolved without major impact, the script manages to remain tied and even small details that are not as consistent in the script end up being overlooked when placed on the balance of pros and cons, since the movie is a great tribute to fans of the character.

In addition to using excellent artifices to tell the story, the film still has an enormous technical quality in the effects applied to the characters, especially the villains.

The group of antagonists cannot be considered the sinister sextet (Yet), as in fact, there are "only" the 5 villains already shown in the previously released materials: Green elf (Willem Dafoe), Dr.Octopus (Alfred Molina), Sand Man (Thomas Haden Church), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and the lizard (Rhys Ifans).

And even reprising the role after years, the cast of villains was one of the highlights of the film, making the viewer travel back in time and feel like the first time they witnessed the appearance of the villains, in particular the diabolical performance of Willem Dafoe, who was the head of the group.

Jamie Foxx's Electro has achieved something that was unimaginable years ago: A redemption. The character who was the target of the main negative criticism in The Spacer Spider-Man 2 - The Threat of Electro, where the character that appeared in the title of the film and was sold as a great villain, in the end was just a needy adult, and now gains a new guise, greed and new motivations becoming a villain more equal to a hero like the Spider man.

Are there any other heroes in the film?

From here it gets heavier spoilers, and the answer to the main question asked by fans over that time of rumors and speculation, so it's your last chance to close this page without taking a bigger spoiler.

This anxiety created an atmosphere and anticipation around the film on an equal, if not greater, level than what was created in the last two Avengers films, and what everyone was hoping for eventually came to pass, we finally had the three Spider-Men reunited.

The return of the two protagonists could be a huge shot in the foot, taking all the weight of Tom Holland's spider arch, but they engineered this return meticulously, making the experience of the first two versions of the character, molding the protagonist of the MCU.

The presence of both does not work as pure fan service, are introduced in an organic way, being fundamental to the plot, in addition to the enormous symbolism behind the meeting of the trio.

The script knows how to explore this encounter well, playing with memes from each franchise, creating an excellent dynamic between the Peters and making canonical (albeit in another universe) everything we already know about Spider-Man in cinema.

In addition to opening hopes for an eventual new multiversal meeting in the future, the film also gives clues to the future of the MCU, such as the subtle and ingenious introduction of demolisher (Charlie Cox), and a space for an eventual symbiote saga in the webhead's path.

Another great expectation from the fans was in relation to a participation by the venom (Tom Hardy), and much of it is due to post-credit to Venom: Time of Carnage, but the date was postponed, and this scene itself seems to have been just Sony's Marketing ploy to jumpstart the Lethal Protector film, but Spider-Man: No Return Home showed that it's never too late to meet characters from different universes on the big screen.

The film has 2 post-credit scenes, but none of them add to the narrative of the film itself, but rather to the future of MCU and Spider-Man.

Thunder Wave note
critics-with-spoilers-spider-man-no-coming-homeSpider-Man: No Homecoming is the essence of what we hope and want to see in a Spider-Man story, Jon Watts finally understood that in his hands he had great power, and with that comes great responsibility, and he did not let us down.



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