The dog’s from Queen’s Elisabeth II palace are bringing a lot of adventures to the theaters with the animation The Queen’s Corgi, with premiere in September on brazilian theaters.

From Belga Producions and nWave Picture studios, distributed by Imagem Filmes, directed by Ben Stassen (Son of Bigfoot) and Vincent Kesteloot (Robinson Crusoe), The Queen’s Corgi is based on the main character Rex (Jack Whitehall), one of the Corgi breed puppys that has a special affection from the queen Elisabeth II and it arrives at the palace causing a lot of trouble and jealousy from other dogs for being nominated the Top Dog, in other words, the favorite dog. From then on, many adventures begin, from Rex disappearance of the Real Palace, that was planned by the queen’s other Corgi dog Charlie, who wants to take the title of Top Dog , to Rex’s attempt to return to the palace.

The Queen’s Corgi

The animation is nicely done, with well-produced effects and intelligent dialogues, that matches with the age rating, which is recommended for ages over ten. Some scenes could be interpreted with some sarcasm, for example, the apparition of the United States president’s character Donald Trump, that comes up in some scenes taking selfies of the palace and with the queen. His wife, the firs lady Melania Trump also shows up in some moments with her very spoiled puppy.

Although this is another animation with adventurous context of the main character who has a purpose, the film differs precisely because of the intelligent dialogues, even discreetly and may please both juvenile and adult audiences.


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