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Criticism | Corgi: Top dog

Queen Elisabeth II's palace dog is bringing high adventures to theaters in animation Corgi: Top dog, which opens in September in Brazilian cinemas.

Belga Production and Wave Pictures studios, distributed by Image Movies, directed by Ben Stassen (Big father, Big son) and Vincent Kesteloot (The adventures of Robinson Crusoé), Corgi: Top dog is told from his main character Rex (João Guilherme), one of the Corgi puppies that has a special affection from Queen Elisabeth II and that arrives at the palace causing a lot of confusion and jealousy in the other dogs for having been named Top Dog, that is, the favorite dog. From there, many adventures begin to unfold, from the disappearance of Rex from the royal palace, having been planned by Charlie, another Corgi of the queen who wants to take the title of Top Dog, to Rex's attempt to return to the palace.

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Corgi: Top dog | Image Movies

The animation is very well done, with well-produced effects and intelligent speech, which match the age classification, recommended for over ten years. Some scenes can even be interpreted with sarcasm, such as the appearance of the character of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who appears in some scenes taking selfies the palace and with the queen herself. His wife, first lady Melania Trump, also appears at times with her very spoiled dog.

Despite being more of an animation with the adventure context of the main character that has a purpose, the film differs precisely because of these clever strips in its dialogues, even if discreetly and which can please both children and youth audiences, as well as adults.

Thunder Wave note
With a clean language, but a little more adult content, the film is able to please all ages.


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