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Criticism | Joker

The director's new film Todd Phillips (If You Don't Drink) based on the DC character and bearing his name in the title, Joker shows his trajectory until the transformation into the famous villain. 

With a strike filling the city streets with tons of garbage, strong social tensions, we met Arthur Fleck (Joaquim Phoenix), a clown from an agency that needs to do the most diverse jobs to survive in this society. In this context, it is practically impossible to go through violence without being hit, and we realize what this does to Arthur, who experiences contempt and neglect on his skin. 

It is not only the external factors that harm Arthur, but also psychological, as he suffers from a condition that makes him laugh uncontrollably, regardless of the situation. Having to take care of the mother and all the daily abuses, going through the illusions with the presenter and comedian Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro). 

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Joker | Image: Warner Bros.

We go through the film through an initial moment of empathy and we follow the regression of Arthur's humanity together with his psychological problems that increase as he discovers things about his past and about his mother Penny (Frances Conroy). Of course, the Wayne family couldn't be left out, showing the family when Bruce's parents were still alive and also making room for a possible continuation of the feature. 

Arthur's journey to become the Joker is full of lows, with many delusions and fantasies. As proposed, the film maintains a much more adult footprint and shows a cruel and naked reality for the viewer, without skipping the scenes of violence, and making it possible to understand where all the sadistic character that the Joker comes from came from. 

The film's premiere coincides with Batman's 80th birthday, and this is a film that crowns one of the most iconic superhero antagonists with a golden key.

Thunder Wave note
With a great psychological background, Joker is a film that lives up to the character.

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Criticism | JokerWith a great psychological background, Joker is a film that lives up to the character.
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