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Criticism | Dare Me- Season 1

Among the Top 10 of the most popular series and films in Netflix for two consecutive weeks, Don't Tease, or Dare Me, is a series that tells the story of two best friends who are the perfect American cliché. People, party people and cheerleaders!

Beth (Marlo Kelly) and Addy (Herizen Guardiola) are best friends with very different perspectives for the future. Beth just wants to enjoy the alcohol and drug parties given by the navy recruiters who are like vultures hanging around the high school girls and Addy wants to use her skills to get a scholarship to a good college. This possibility only becomes a reality when Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald), a famous coach, arrives to be the new coach of the cheerleaders at Sutton Grove High School, bringing with them the chance for girls to qualify for national regional competitions and have a chance to be seen by scouts. But everything is put aside once the trainer, without much explanation, starts to approach Addy, shaking the friendship of the best friends, and bringing with it a series of events that promises to affect the entire city.

Colette is a woman with a perfect family and the job of her dreams, but when she returns to the city of Midwestern, characters from a remarkable past return to her life and begin to cause a certain type of uncontrolled in her life. This character had everything to be well built, but the first puncture of the script occurs when they do not explain why the technique was almost ten years away from the city and having as its only trace the teams he took to the national championships. Without a background to serve as a meter, she is shown as an obsessive, uncontrolled, cold and irresponsible woman when she should be exactly the opposite. The scenes where you end up doing body chaming with the girls and offering her house for a party with alcoholic beverages - for minors - just show how conflicted and inconsistent she is. Which leads us to talk about how manipulative she was with Addy in seducing her by creating a sexual tension that goes nowhere. I mean, more or less!

Dare Me

Addy is a girl in the discovery phase. Loyalty to Beth is sometimes confused by a sexual tension created between the two when they help each other to recover after hard workouts and fierce competitions. But Colette is her new technique and, with the excuse of improving her athlete's performance, she offers the girl private training that ends up confusing her head, even when she is clearly the third person, who remains, of course, in the hidden relationship between Colette and the sergeant Will (Zac Roerig). The plot between the two takes a long time to unfold, which does not happen completely, and ends up showing only Addy's point of view. And the girl believes together that the technique is her miraculous solution for securing a scholarship in college.

Even though she is falling into an abyss where her best friend will make a point of not saving her, Addy follows her technique as workmen after the queen bee. Without much development and taking into account that her friendship with Beth prunes her "wings" all the time, this character spends almost the entire season with a silly face in love every time Colette decides to treat her minimally well. And here it ends up happening another puncture of script because the character that should guide the whole series, ends up being the most boring and without salt to the point of losing protagonism to Beth!

Beth is probably the most well-developed character in the work. With two subplots, which only add more layers to the arrogant, controlling and confident facade, they serve to fully affirm the contract. With an unstable family, an absent father and a selfish mother, Beth has her entire base damaged since she just wants these conflicts to end.

And all of her frustrations with the family, she takes it out on her best friend, when it doesn't meet her expectations, on the drink, which ends up giving her the saddest and most revolting episode in history and on her half sister, who is nothing more than spoiled. But beyond that, Beth can see Colette beyond the fog that the technique seems to throw at her athletes.

Crítica | Dare Me- 1ª Temporada 1

The photograph acted in conjunction with the narrative only at key moments in the story in a way that intensified the feeling of euphoria, leaving the environment reddish, or emphasized the idea of loneliness, showing a closed, dark and misty environment.

Despite the poor development of the characters, the story even manages to arrest the viewer for the expectation of having a cohesive and closed ending. But the various loose ends could lead to a second season, which should not be long in being confirmed.

Between ups and downs, the first season of Dare Me manages to please, but with reservations to the holes in the plot.

Thunder Wave note
The series manages to please, but lacks in the weak development of the characters and some loose ends.


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