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Review: Deadpool 2


no one can deny that Deadpool It was a great success. Remedying the failure that was the use of the character in Wolverine: Origins, the feature managed to win over the audience and its acceptance was so great that it guaranteed a second film.

Deadpool 2 debut to prove that a winning team doesn't move. Repeating the success formula of its predecessor, the production once again brings the jokes and acid humor of the chatty Mercenary, managing not only to match the quality, but to surpass it.

In the plot, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) need to face Cable (Josh Brolin) and protect Russell (Julian Dennison), a young mutant with dangerous powers. For that, Wade needs to assemble an equally powerful team and create "X-Force".

Russell in Deadpool 2 | Image: Fox

As the protagonist himself says, Deadpool 2 it's a more family movie. And in a way, that's right, investing in deeper issues (always broken by a joke), the premise is more dramatic and engaging. However, make no mistake, it is still not a work to watch with the family, leave the children at home.

Deadpool's greatest asset is its proposal to be screwed up and full of jokes with double meanings, which not only match the character, but become necessary to make the production faithful. Therefore, it is impossible to go wrong and exaggerate in comedy, unlike most works on the same theme, here it seems that the joke is never enough. On the other hand, as the audience only expects these moments, any more dramatic part ends up impressing and increasing the quality of the film.

Deadpool 2 | Image: Fox

The Fox seems to connect more with fans with each new production of the character. In Deadpool 2, the company's effort to put everything that the public wanted to see is striking, which is made even more impressive by the amount of surprises and totally unexpected moments capable of eliciting laughter and applause from the spectators. Without fear of daring, the feature film leaves room to make fun even of the mistakes of the teams involved in other projects, which end up serving as a space for some promising sequels.

Deadpool 2 manages to maintain the same pattern as the first feature, increasing only the action and a little dramatic charge. Having an even more involving plot than its predecessor, without losing humor, the film manages to surpass itself and please its fans even more.

Thunder Wave note
Deadpool 2 manages to maintain the same pattern as the first feature, increasing only the action and a little bit of the dramatic load. critique-deadpool-2



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