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Review | private desert

Daniel is a policeman from Curitiba. Military by family tradition, he is represented as a typical hard-liner, who is even away from the corporation due to an accident that ends up hospitalizing a recruit. Barred from working and caring for his elderly father and severely debilitated physically and mentally, he finds comfort in exchanging messages with Sara, a woman he had met on the internet, but who lives in the distant (for him) city of Sobradinho, in Bahia. But Daniel sees his life become more and more difficult when Sara stops responding to his messages, at the same time that he discovers that he will not be able to be relocated to his post anytime soon, while he sees the relationship with his sister, his The only other close relative who helps him take care of his father, becoming more bitter for his own prejudices. Disillusioned, Daniel decides to look for the one who was being his only source of encouragement: Sara.

So begins private desert, from the principal Aly Muritiba, which received the Venice Festival's public award and was chosen to represent Brazil at the Oscars. It's very difficult to talk about this movie without revealing fundamental plot details (although some are pretty obvious at the beginning), but at the same time, revealing too much could detract from the viewer experience. After this introduction, the film focuses on the dichotomy of the lives of Daniel and Sara, which are practically opposite, but still close. The “Private Desert” of the title is visible both in Daniel, with his ruined life and without prospects, traveling thousands of kilometers in search of a lifeline, and in Sara, who needs to repress herself, surrounded by a society that would not understand her. , but that oscillates between the fear of the policeman who became known for a scandal of violence, and the belief that he can represent some change in his life also without perspectives. Both are confronted with their hopes, fears, disappointments, prejudices and disillusionments, which they find in each other, causing them to question the personal deserts of their own lives.

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Aly Muritiba's direction is exquisite. With clever use of photography and setting construction, he manages to make the entire environment around him reflect the characters' interior landscapes. Many moments and scenes find a clear echo in the characters' feelings, such as the solitary race at dawn in Curitiba, the dry and sandy landscapes of the northeast, the darkness at night in Sobradinho, the boat crossing that finally takes Daniel to meet Sara, the nightclub chaos and recognition of the dam's beauty, among many others. It is a work that captures the attention not only of what is immediate, but with the entire outer environment reflecting inner worlds. Perhaps there are those who ask for more details, such as what happened to the recruit injured by Daniel, but the truth is that this is not relevant to the story, just the fact that it happened is already a trigger to make the plot move. .

The cast, which has names like Antonio Saboia, Pedro Fasanaro, Thomás Aquino and Laila Garin, also delivers an excellent work, although Daniel de Saboia carries a perhaps excessive amount of stereotypes about a “tough cop”, but this issue may be more related to the script itself than to the actor's work. The others deliver characters built with sensitivity, and especially Pedro Fasanaro's work is worthy of praise, for everything it manages to convey to the viewer.

private desert is a film that escapes from many common places, provocative and
contemporary, but that uses several classic aspects in the construction of its
plot and setting. A contrast between the traditional and the current, a contrast that is also visible in the main characters of the plot. And besides, it's a film that deals with several relevant subjects with artistic sensibility and accurate representation. Aly Muritiba's work was applauded for 10 minutes at the Venice Film Festival. It's fair to say that every palm was deserved.

Thunder Wave note
Deserto Particular is a film that escapes from several commonplaces, provocative and contemporary, but uses several classic aspects in the construction of its plot and setting.
Written byWallace William

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