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Review | Goddesses of Gastronomy

The kitchen can be a cruel space for many women who need to swallow frogs to survive in gastronomy

Anyone who has never heard someone say the phrase "a woman's place is in the kitchen". What's up? And even? When we hear this phrase, we understand the meaning it conveys and whenever we hear it, it is with the intention of diminishing the feminine importance in society. But when put in the context of gastronomy, however, the phrase that makes women inferior is reversed in a position of conquest and prominence that for a long time has been dominated by men. The film of Vérane Frédiani that's exactly what this is about. It is the questioning of several women about how macho the world can be. Why is a man with a dolman more deserving than a woman who is commonly seen as a waitress or someone who informs and not as a chef even though she is wearing a dolman?

As deusas da gastronomia - Conexão Paris
Goddesses of Gastronomy / Reproduction

We know that from a long time ago, women carried the responsibility of cooking and serving the family's food. Despite this, the presence of women in the professional kitchen is not always well regarded, many women face resistance, even with many advances. According to the French chef Dominique Crenn, everything is possible regardless of anything and that it is necessary for the government to know and educate people so that it can be anything it wants, as it has no problem being an astronaut, engineer or chef. This speech of her in one of the scenes in the feature shows that it is necessary to have this freedom. The gastronomic universe is very sexist.

“I believe that being in the kitchen, whether male or female, is difficult!… But you want to be strong… You want to show that you are an independent, strong woman and that you deserve to be there… If a man is strong and independent, women say like: 'wow! How attractive! ” If a woman is like that, they say “What a bitch!” -


When contemplating several speeches that show how much sexism and machismo are still an obstacle for many women to reach their goals, the feature does not fail to show that often companies, even the press themselves prefer to highlight consecrated professionals as shown the TIME cover below. This cover was severely criticized by one of the interviewees for this feature due to the lack of opportunity and visibility for kitchen professionals. And in fact, it is not a pretty cover. For we always see the man, straight, cis, white always in prominent positions when there are many brilliant people who do not have the opportunity and due recognition.

Alex Atala é chamado de "deus da comida" na capa da 'Time'
The Brazilian chef posed for publication alongside David Chang and René Redzepi / Reproduction

Even with the lack of recognition of the great gastronomy figures, Deusas da Gastronomia shows us that French cuisine found its focus of female resistance with the so-called “mères” (mothers, in French) of Lyon, in the 19th century. They were former maids / nurses from bourgeois families who, without a job, sought placement in restaurants or opened their own businesses as the interviewee says Jacotte Brazier, French and restaurant owner.

According to Robson Lustosa, Professor of Gastronomy at Faculdade Senac-PE, he explains that these 'mothers' ended up causing local gastronomy to develop and one of the most famous mères is Mère Brazier, in addition to other famous ones like Paul Bocuse and Roger Vergé.

In a very expository way, the feature proposes to show us different points of view on a subject that deserves more attention. And prejudice and machismo, not only come from men, but even from other women as well, apart from the sexual jokes that must be ignored in order to survive. The feature brings viewers and interviewees closer together in the way they compose the structure of the plot. In addition to offering reports from different people, genders and ages, Goddesses of Gastronomy contextualizes important historical events and with a photograph that brings the viewer closer with a well-chosen soundtrack make the film a production that clearly delivers a message of non-acceptance of a world that excludes and inferiorizes women. We must achieve what is rightfully ours.

Thunder Wave note
The management knew how to produce a feature film well done that shows the difficulties that women have faced for a long time. You have to talk about it and see people talking, promoting interesting and important debates like this film. It is worth more than entertainment, it is information, it is culture, it is wisdom.

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