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Review| Dysphoria

Dysphoria - State of discomfort, sadness or malaise. Common causes of this symptom: Dysphoria may not be caused by underlying diseases. Some common causes include mood swings, mourning, financial or personal or professional difficulties, and responding to news of media tragedies.

The title chosen by the director Lucas Cassalesis perfect for this thriller psychological that instigates the public to think. The film, for those who expect a horror film, will be boring and boring. Mainly because the gender thriller it has always been concerned with the problems of the mind.

Cassales manages to start lines of the path that the film must follow, with a psychologist, Darius (Rafael Sieg), which is plagued by its past. These torments that were not treated and seem to have been thrown in some corner of his mind, come back to haunt him when he starts treating the young woman Sofia (Isabella LimaSofia, who is also at the beginning of the film in front of a mirror looking at something inside and it shatters, scaring her family.

These lines after this encounter between psychologist and patient, which seems to bring memories or something supernatural for Dário, become new lines of a path that is not very clear to have been trodden or that it will still be, which ends up now becoming a web, or real mental chaos.

Crítica | Disforia 1
Dysphoria / Disclosure

The actor Rafael Sieg is able to demonstrate his problems of "dysphoria", very well, by having physical reactions such as tremors. Each physical, mental detail and even the melancholy of certain points of Dário's journey through the gaucho scenarios, are tips and analyzes that the director delivers to the viewer, who should not wait for answers, since from the beginning - if he did not notice -, is the real investigator or invader of the minds of the characters in this feature.

An interesting point is the photography used by the film, showing important places in the landscape of Porto Alegre. This is positive and at the same time negative of the work, because those who do not know these scenarios like Beira Rio and even the Redenção amusement park, among others, will end up getting lost a little to understand the events again. Not because it is bad, but because it is purposely an outing for Dário and the viewer will end up contemplating this “tour”, but afterwards he may even feel a little lost in what happened, bringing a certain dysphoria.

Dysphoria it is a difficult film for those who do not want to understand their own thoughts and who close their eyes, put their hands in front and say "no, no" to any word that makes them reflect on their problems and traumas. And it’s also complicated to analyze the work if you don’t have any kind of empathy for a thiller psychological, waiting for easy solutions and the monster of some horror movie of the month.

Thunder Wave note
Dysphoria is a psychological thriller for a few, where the viewer should not wait for answers, but rather leave the cinema and discuss the various points with friends who have passed through the minds of the characters of the work.


  1. Perhaps it is a film that was directed as a blank canvas for those who internalize their frustrations and traumas! I see it as a succession of unanswered riddles. Something like a puzzle inside a maze. Unfortunately, its plot is boring, repetitive and without creativity. I would say that they could have created a work rich in details and connections with the paranormal and spirituality, but he got lost along the path of dysphoria ...! Sadness, mudismo, verbal, mental and physical paralysis, were constant! The intention of creating mystery by invoking inertia, autism and introspection, impoverished the work by mutilating the plot. Dialogues, music, human relations are nonexistent. It lacked a plot rich in details. He lacked depth of mind analysis and mismatches. A film so proposed, requires that one dive into the depths of being. The screenwriter was only on the beach, not even on the surface. Excuse me for your sincerity, but the Brazilian is able to evolve and create fantastic works, as in European films - it is necessary to value the true talents spread across the country ...! Excuse me.


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