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The audiovisual market in Brazil is always very strong when it comes to comedy, with featured features over the years, but not always with much informative content. The new comedy distributed by Paris Movies, two + two, tries to innovate and bring a little deeper into the production, without losing the laughs along the way.

Using a comic tone, the film reveals the mysterious universe of those who practice the swing – or “couple exchange”. in the plot, Diogo (Marcelo Serrado) and Emily (Carol Castro) have been together for 16 years, have a teenage daughter and, despite their stability, they live bored with the family routine. The marriage is turned upside down when they find out that best friends, Ricardo (Marcelo Laham) and Bettina (Roberta Rodrigues), have an open relationship.

More than that, they are adepts in the practice of exchanging couples, they live super safe with their choice and try to convince them that it is possible to be very happy taking this lifestyle, let's say, more liberal. That's when a series of events begins that will shake the couple's life more or less, while the script addresses the insecurities that start a practice of these causes and how each one will deal with them.

Two+Two / Disclosure

Through a subject that initially seems just funny, the script grows and the comedy diminishes, to become a deeper sentimental analysis. After the couple resolves to overcome the fear of falling in love with another and immerse themselves in this world, the feelings caused by the change in life are intimately explored. According to the director and screenwriter Marcelo Saback, the idea of approaching the couple's romance and how the practice influences their lives was a decision well thought out by him, who thinks it is necessary to go deeper into this angle.

The best counterpoint of the plot is to put Diogo and Ricardo as partners in a medical clinic, even though they have been friends for decades, they end up having disputes for recognition at work and this leads to something more dense when it comes to dividing their wives. By the way, an error that remained in the plot was the poor explanation of the relationship between Ricardo and Bettina, who are initially boyfriends and there is even an informal marriage proposal, however, without this time jump, they are cited as married for a decade in a more advanced part of the movie.

The comic part works very well, with the script investing more in lines than in funny situations that can get messy. The big trump card is the double meaning jokes that are used all the time, playing in a certain way with the expressions and slang of the Portuguese language.

Two + Two / Disclosure

Another very positive point is the breaking of some outdated concepts, especially with regard to women. This feature invests very little in showing female nudity, having more moments of male “flashes” and the big events always taken by the female part of the cast.

Adapted from the Argentine feature 2 plus 2, two + two is an entertaining work, with a direction that excels in quality and a plot that manages to entertain while delving into matrimonial issues.



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