Dr. Sleep, the awaiting sequel to The Shining, hits theaters after nearly 40 years, being directed by Mike Flanagan, from Gerald’s Game which is also an adaptation of a Stephen King book, this director is known for not using the famous scare jumps.

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film tells the Torrance’s family story and their trip to the Overlook Hotel, a remote location where Jack would later work as a janitor. After a snowstorm, the family is trapped inside the hotel and all the supernatural presences that live there and pursue the couple’s son, Danny, a child with special abilities, called Shining. We follow Jack’s decay through drinking and the influence of these evil forces and his attempt to assassinate his wife and young son.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep | Imagem: Warner Bros.

Danny (Ewan McGregor), now an adult and called only Dan, faces alcohol problems until he resolves to move to a different city and then meets a teenager, Abra (Kylie Curran), communicating via wall messages, she seeks his help as she is being persecuted by people who want her Shining.

Keeping the references of The Shining and bringing elements that simulate the recordings made at that time, the film begins in a very strong way, showing the transition between what happened at the Overlook Hotel and the adaptation to a new life, also introducing the antagonists in a subtle way at the beginning of the movie.

Doctor Sleep makes reference to The Shining | Imagem: Warner Bros.

The development is slow and often confusing to understand, without good linearity and with some missing explanations and may leave some people confused, especially for those who have only the reference from the previous movie. Even with these flaws, they are not extremely apparent to the viewer, perhaps for those who know the book to realize these problems and to be a little bothered, however it is nothing to disturb in general.


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