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Review | É o Amor: Camargo Family

Over the years, the Camargo family has stood out in the media. Between interesting moments and very sad moments, the country duo Zeze di Camargo and Lucian she always seemed to be involved in some news.

A big highlight was the kidnapping of their brother, Wellington Camargo, which generated a lot of commotion in 1998. In more recent notes, the separation from the famous group created by the brothers, Zezé's divorce and the death of Francisco Camargo were some of the mentions in the media .

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These, among other issues, are issues addressed in the new Netflix document series, It's Love: Camargo Family. Taking advantage of the fact that Zezé Di Camargo and her daughter, Wanessa, are in a project for a new album together, the production follows the recording of this album, while showing more details of this family.

Crítica | É o Amor: Família Camargo 1
Zézé Di Camargo and Wanessa/ Netflix

Even though the focus was on the recordings on the new album, it would be almost impossible to make a series without talking about everything that the Camargo family went through and that's why the documentary follows the creation process while filming the intimate moments on the family's farm and collecting individual testimonies. It is during the interactions of the children with the father that it is possible to notice the unresolved issues of each one, while the testimonies show the individual point of view. While on the farm, in the interior of Góias, the Camargos also live with some guests outside the family, such as Paula Fernandes, Thiaguinho, Felipe Araújo and Leo Santana.

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It's Love: Camargo Family has an interesting approach, escaping from the sensationalism that usually surrounds a work with this type of content, and, ironically, it surrounded the life of the sertaneja duo. With the motto of using Love, which links the famous music of the duo, the series makes its story through love and family union, using conversations and decisions that could be several fights, but with a loving approach, become more mild. This narrative difference turns the documentary into more than an interesting production for fans, it's a lesson in how sensationalism can be avoided and the world much more loving.

It's Love: Camargo Family debuts on December 9th, on Netflix.

Thunder Wave note
É o Amor: Camargo Family is a great choice for fans who want to know more about this family that has been popular in recent years.

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