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Criticism | Elite- Season 3

In October 2018 debuted on the platform of Netflix the series Elite. With a trailer full of suspense, teen drama and a story involving a murder, the production caught the attention and piqued the curiosity of the young audience - it didn't take long for it to conquer a legion of fans and become one of the biggest series today.

The third season debuted last Friday (13) in the catalog of one of the biggest platforms of streaming in the world and since then the production is the series most seen in recent days in Brazil, as was disclosed in the tab TOP 10 Brazil, available on the Netflix. When the official trailer for the third part of the history of the high school students was released Las Encinas, several questions were raised, as many thought that the production would become tiring repeating the same narrative of the first season: the story of a murder and each episode being an interrogation of the suspects with flashbacks until the revelation of who the murderer is.

It was wrong to think that the series would become repetitive, on the contrary, the mystery of the death of Pole (Álvaro Rico) aroused curiosity, not least because everyone had reason to want to see the dead villain. Each episode takes the name of a character, where we see the flashbacks from the last few months of the students at school, to the interrogation of Polo’s death. 

Some stories that started in the previous seasons were left out, such as the love between Lu and Valério. They took the time to focus exclusively on new plots and insert the two new characters into the plot: Yeray (Sergio Momo) and Malick (Leiti Sene). Characters that did not add much to the story, but cause a conflict zone in some couples, mainly between Ander (Arón Piper) and The sea (Omar Ayuso). 

Teray and Malick on Elite / Netflix

This third part presents the maturity of some students, with a total focus on Lucrecia (Donna Paola) and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós). Two girls who at first tried to hide their feelings and deceive people, but did not realize that they were deceiving themselves. Lucrécia was the highlight of this ending, she showed how much she learned from her mistakes and, oddly enough, she became an ally of her biggest enemy in the series: Nadia (Mina El Hammani). The two in many moments had sorority with each other and it was one of the most beautiful things of this conclusion - even the outcome of the two in this third part is together. 

Lucrecia and Nádia on Elite / Netflix

The highlight of this season is how boring it never gets. In most episodes the audience will have a mix of feelings, in some moments they will be moved, in others they will laugh and in most they will be anxious for the outcome. In fact, this outcome is causing a great commotion among the fans. 

Many already expected a tragic end for Polo, but in these last eight episodes we see another version of the character, more humanized and showing that at no time did he intend to kill Mariana, in addition to showing how sorry he is for that. We must also highlight the excellent interpretation of Álvaro Rico, who in most of his scenes made us fall in tears for the villain. 

Who killed Polo?

Polo / Netflix

Obviously we will not spoil this text, but I ask you to observe all the characters. There is a surprising killer at the end, but when analyzing each stretch of the production, we realized that each one actually killed a little bit of Polo. Everyone made the same mistake that they judged so much. This is what Elite has shown us since 2018 that there is no one perfect and that everyone is prone to errors. 

Created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, the series already has three seasons, all available in the Netflix catalog. 

Thunder Wave note
A series that manages to arrest the viewer from beginning to end and still provoke a mix of sentiment in several episodes, deserves no less than top marks.


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