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Review | At War with Grandpa

At War with Grandpa it is a comedy for the whole family, which should be amusing, but it slips in many silly flaws that make the film a forced comedy. The plot addresses a dispute between two subjects for a territory. Ed played by Robert De Niro (The Irish) who faces some adversity in his old age, needs to move in with his daughter Sally, a character from Uma Thurman (Kill Bill). When he moves in with his daughter's family, Ed gets into trouble with his grandson, Peter (Oakes Fegley). The boy is indignant at having lost his beloved room and declares war on his newcomer.

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The film is a plot that gets some laughs, but in its production we see some flaws that if they were identified would have made the film, a super comedy. Director Tim Hill could have made Ed's move even cooler, as he is presented as a veteran who lost his wife and can't get over the loss. However, when De Niro's character stops being lonely, the liveliness seems to be forgotten. Soon, we realized that his change sounds like a convenience of the script, not only that, but some moments are poorly used to preserve the fleeting comedy. For example, there is a scene where we see the attic (where the boy goes to sleep), full of bats and this fact is unnecessary.

Foto de Robert De Niro - Em Guerra com o Vovô : Foto Oakes Fegley, Robert  De Niro - AdoroCinema
Robert De Niro and Oakes Fegley are grandfather and grandson / Reproduction

A detail that seems to have been overlooked by the production is the condition of Ed who is presented as someone desolate by his wife's recent death, carrying her portrait in the beginning, but in the course of the plot, this is forgotten, again to favor the pranks that are succeed. What is more bizarre is that the conflict over the power of the room is something that does not make sense, as both Peter and Ed know that it does not make sense to fight over a room when they both know the circumstances of the situation.

Something that bothers is repetition without moderation. The character Sally is affected by the dispute between the father and the son and in two stressful situations and then, she ends up assaulting a policeman who parked beside her. Ok, we already understand that the feeling the plot is comedy. But it doesn't have to be forced, it does and it has to be spontaneous. This construction proves to be lazy and excessive.

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In addition to the repetitions with Uma Thurman, we have a somewhat bizarre dynamic between Ed and his son-in-law Arthur, played by Rob Riggle that become taken dull. The episodes that involve the two, is when the elderly is caught without pants and Arthur screams hysterically when he sees his father-in-law's penis. They are two men, both have the same physical anatomy ... Since when does a genitalia cause so much astonishment, scandal, hysteria like that? The coolest thing is to see how serious / real warlike movements and strategies happen and how they are adapted between grandfather and grandson, an elderly person and a child and this is not shown in an honest way.

We see that at the beginning of the film, Ed feels the need to attack the supermarket attendant who is chasing him for an alleged theft / forgetfulness. And the elderly man who was a combatant does this by removing the lid of the yogurt, in a gesture similar to pulling the pin of a grenade, turning the dairy into a weapon that dirty the attendant or enemy. Ahead, some strategies that the grandfather preaches to his grandson and vice versa, some are similar to the previous logic, others are not. Robert De Niro's character paints seven and draws eight, especially when he needs to support a tough guy to intimidate his grandson, but it ends up not working.

Diamond Films lança trailer de 'Em Guerra com o Vovô' | Coxinha Nerd
Poppy Gagnon surprises with his great performance / Reproduction

The great highlight is due to the small Poppy Gagnon, youngest interpreter, of At War with Grandpa, she conveys a mixture of tenderness and innocence in scenes such as the “neutral” mediation of the battle between her grandfather and her brother. It sounds even funnier, but than anyone in the movie. The veterans Cheech MarinChristopher Walken and Jane Seymour they are the support team against Peter's friends in a dodgeball match. Good old people lend their experiences to create light and fun figures and draw on Peter's classmates. However, the children's core does not exceed expectations - more victims of repetitions without a notion of the feature.

The character of Laura Marano it is empty and makes no sense of its existence in the plot. The broken house is a metaphor that goes back to the family relationship that is in the middle of some conflicts. The fraternization happens at the end, but in a superficial way. The goal of building a coherent and funny production has not been achieved. At War with Grandpa it is based more on the supposedly serious games between grandfather and grandson than on the intention of promoting quality production.

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The film manages to entertain, but some flaws in production hinder quality.

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