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Criticism | Fire against fire

There are films that know how to cause commotion and feeling, made for reflection, and that’s what Fire against fire, South African long, brings in its history. With direction Mandla Dube, and that brings in its cast names like Thabo Rametsi (Solomon Mahlangu), Thabo Malema (Mondy), Pearl Thusi (Brenda Rivera) and Welile Nzuza (Tommy London), its plot shows the struggle of these young Africans against the oppressive and segregationist system of Apartheid South Africa in the mid-1970s.

Based on a real story that brings as its main character Solomon Mahlangu, played by Rametsi, and his struggle for survival by participating in a liberation movement for the black population, initiated by Tommy London (Nzuza) and who, when caught by the police extremely racist, he was tortured until his trial.

Crítica | Fogo Contra Fogo 1
Solomon Kahlushi Mahlangu | Mandlakayise Walter Dube Film

Solomon Mahlangu’s struggle was one of the most important milestones for the South Africans’s struggle to overthrow the oppressive system of Apartheid that was installed in the country in 1970 and the long film shows very efficiently part of that immense struggle, since the extreme poverty of the country from the daily battle of Mahlangu, who worked illegally as a street vendor, going through all kinds of humiliation to take little of the money he received to maintain the house until his struggle to spread and continue with the liberation movement.

Crítica | Fogo Contra Fogo 2
Mondy, Lucky, Tommy London and Solomon | Mandlakayise Walter Dube Film

Solomon Mahlangu's journey was extremely tortuous and the film has a great appeal to show how racism has always been an extremely pertinent issue, but that few were able to position themselves, especially for the time when the plot is portrayed, bringing scenes so distressing and strong that is difficult to deal with at times.

Fogo Contra Fogo is a delicate work done to awaken in its viewers the reflection on one of the subjects that should be a priority in society and teach us that revolution is also an act of love.

Fire against fire opens in theaters on November 21 throughout Brazil.

Fire against fire
Charming and reflective film about Solomon Mahlangu's walk against South African racism.


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