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After discovering that she is only a few months old, Frankie, a famous French actress, decides to reunite her family for the last vacation together, in Sintra, Portugal. Already in the first scenes, we see that Frankie is ready to say goodbye and does not seem to bother with the opinion of others, as she swims naked in the pool as if there were no other people at home. Eccentric, beautiful, famous, millionaire in her own paradise or a woman who likes to attract attention. Frankie has and does not have these characteristics. It goes beyond anyone's expectations. It is someone who will leave soon and cannot be accompanied. Perhaps, therefore, we can understand the sadness and discouragement of the husband, the rebellious children, the friends who behave in an awkward way. She is surrounded by many people ... but it is as if she is alone. Frankie appears in most scenes, but it appears to be just his body, as his soul, his spirit are gone. It is our only certainty, in the end ... we all die.

Gathered in a small town, Sintra, Portugal, the family gets together for the last time. The film has a melancholy tone. Although Frankie is close to leaving, other plots unfold around her. The son who is looking for a direction and barely knows whether he is going to New York or not. The daughter who is about to divorce. A close friend who refused the marriage proposal and said goodbye to a possible happy life with someone who loved her. A tour guide who suffers from the charge of the woman. The feature actually deals with issues that we can avoid throughout life. The plot is a delight so that we can think about our attitudes towards others.

The multinational cast is stupendous. The feature is more than bilingual. We have scenes in which English, Portuguese, French predominate. With a delicate performance and extremely well done, Isabelle Huppert, delivers a Hollywood star loved and adored by everyone. Frankie is charming without intention. On your side is Brandan Gleeson, a sweet, gentle husband, without an explosion, but who rages without making a fuss. The English Vinette Robinson and the french Jérémie Renier they are troubled children. There is also an ex-husband who found himself homosexual and who is always around, Pascal Greggory. To top it off, we have the couple played by Marisa Tomei and Greg Kinnear, each with their personal lives that intersect with Frankie's. Unfortunately, they don't end up together. They are part of a conflict that even they did not know existed.

Frankie tries to organize people's lives before they leave and that indicates that the others are not prepared for anything that will happen. The two foster brothers seek to resolve past issues, couples who do not know whether to separate or not. An unexpected request that ends up frustrating and the most interesting is the way the protagonist walks through their lives, bringing everyone together and she only has the task of being an observer and in the end, she withdraws when the stage applauds her standing.

With a melancholic and serene tone, the soundtrack packs and describes the bodily emotions and feelings of each character who cannot express themselves with simple words. With a well-tied script and a direction that talk very well with each other. With vivid colors and sometimes a little cold, the feature gives a feeling of “work done” on the part of Frankie. She who is the centerpiece and who gradually gets used to being forgotten. What was done was. What will remain are memories and this has an impact on the lives of everyone around you, either directly or indirectly. It is about accepting the end as if it were an old friend. The conclusion of the feature is splendid. It ends with the reason it started. The meeting of everyone who now faces with a different look.

But why should I watch?

Because the thread of the plot is death and how someone who is about to leave tries to make people's lives as organized as possible so that the impact is less painful. Impossible when what we fear most is losing someone we love. The well-chosen choices and the concern for every detail of this film makes it a good choice to be watched on a sweet and mild cloudy Thursday afternoon.



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