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Review: Fuller House- Season 3

An everyday plot

Full House it was a success in the 90s that no doubt missed. Fuller House arrived with the interesting proposal to rescue this series, now starring the children of the time. The production has already reached its third year on the air and this new season arrives on a significant date for fans: exactly 30 years after the premiere of the original series.

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This new season invested a lot in honoring 30 years of Full House, including using an exciting teaser about it in its disclosure, but in practice it was not so. For the first time, the new year barely showed the old cast, using only one participation from each one over the 9 episodes. The promise from the previous season, which indicated that they would explore more of the personal lives of each character in the former cast, has been completely erased.

The plot of the 3rd season of Fuller House it was, without a doubt, the most random. Without an initial proposal, the episodes only explore the daily lives of the Tanner house. The pace changes only in the final episodes, where some changes are proposed for the future of production, and it is only there that the series regains interest. Before that, there are only a few laughs, but the events are weak and, with the exception of the outcome, it gives the impression that it would not make a difference to skip this year of the series.

Crítica: Fuller House- 3ª Temporada 1
Fuller House Season 3 | Image: Netflix

Juan Pablo Di Pace (Fernando) and Adam Hagenbuch (Jimmy Gibbler) steal the show this season, the ones who save more than half of it. The plot also becomes independent from the current Tanners, focusing much less on DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and opening doors for the other characters. The slow pace and without an apparent purpose hurts at first, but the series recovers when dealing with relevant issues when it gets close to the end, divorces and insecurities are recurrent themes and used in a certain way.

The 3rd season of Fuller House leaves a huge space for continuation. The events presented at the end are sure to make fans eager to see what lies ahead. The series may not always get the plot right, but the truth is that nostalgia already makes up for the marathon and, with short, straightforward episodes, it will always be good entertainment.

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Thunder Wave note
The season starts out a little slow, but recovers in the end.


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