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Review | Future Gallery

Film with Marcelo Serrado, Otávio Muller, Ailton Graça and Luciana Paes premieres on November 18th


Have you ever stopped to reflect that much of the entertainment we consume we don't always make a choice that involves some Brazilian production? Some genres like Brazilian comedy have a history of love and hate. Love on the part of spectators and hate on the part of some experts who do not always value something national. But some productions, when well developed and that deliver what they promise… are capable of being successful even with those who don't like to play a movie.

However, the feature-length Galeria Futuro is a comedy that delivers a good production and the fact of creating a quick connection with the public is something remarkable and very interesting. The plot directors, Fernando Sanches and Afonso Poyart they knew how to deliver a work with characters that we can find even more similar in the current context of our country and the coolest thing is that they don't disdain the viewer.

The long Future Gallery tells the story of a group of friends formed by Valentim (Marcelo Serrado), Kodak (Otávio Müller) and Eddie (Aílton Grace). The three friends grew up in this building with several stores, located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. However, over time, the technology has evolved, which used to be full of customers and stores, today has given way to an empty space and establishments closing due to the accumulation of debts and, therefore, the space needs to be sold. In an attempt to prevent the sale, the trio joins Paula (Luciana Country), a former reality show participant who has just opened a salon in the gallery, and they start a somewhat risky venture: they start selling a new drug that was found by the group in Kodak's photography studio. Now the problem that was previously restricted to the sale of the building becomes greater, as the local crime boss did not like the success that the substance sold by them began to make and goes after them.

Strong cast that interacted very well / Reproduction H2O Filmes

Something very interesting is that, despite being a Brazilian comedy, the directors of the feature, Fernando Sanches and Afonso Poyart, inserted many references to pop culture and great works of cinema such as the classics “O Poderoso Chefão”, “Matrix”, “Esqueceram de Mim” and “Kill Bill” are honored and serve as inspiration for the film. In addition, on screen we can see features such as seeing show messages, reproduction of lives and even imagining hallucinogenic trips caused by drug use. The use of these resources was very attractive and interesting, showing that the direction knew how to make the “rice and beans” well done and innovated the formula of the genre.

Although it is a very cool narrative, with amazing actors, good performances and a direction concerned with delivering a product, a quality work… we see an error that is commonly repeated with the script, as it does not have a cohesive development and when we check the technical file of the production, we identified that the film was written by more people than the director (other screenwriters Fernando Sanches, Matheus de Souza, Pablo Padilla, Cristiano Gualda and Bia Crespo also sign the story). We feel that in the harmony of each act and there is a loose end, a loving and balanced transition is lacking. 

To exemplify this lack of cohesion is the inclusion of the villain with more than an hour of film presented and from then on, the film runs as if he were in a marathon. And the proposal is really this, to be an agile feature film and we can see that due to the resources used in the editing, but we realized that this “hidden” a flawed script, poorly developed and little worked on.

Marcelo Serrado and Milhem Cortaz rocked in their performances / Reproduction H20 Filmes

One of the positive points is the performances. The actors manage to work assertively with what was proposed to them and each character has a peculiarity, they are all funny, charismatic and the chemistry between them is real, conveys truthfulness and generates empathy for those who watch. Something interesting is the genuine friendship we feel between Marcelo Serrado, Otávio Müller and Aílton Graça seems very genuine and true. Their characters refuse to accept the modernity that comes with technology and seem stuck in the past. Luciana Paes, also plays a hilarious character, with good moments and brings the freshness they needed. Here's a villain who lives up to the role! Milhem Cortaz knew how to be sarcastic, caricatured, funny and mean in the right measure with his Mesbla. Some of the best scenes in the film are his, and it would have been more assertive if the direction had given him more screen time.

Lastly, Future Gallery is a feature film that talks about this desire to remain in the past, but changing and evolving is good and the characters don't realize it until the end of the film. However, the film didn't know how to get the idea of accepting the changes that came with time. Despite some weaknesses, the film manages to converse with any age group that allows itself to connect with the film. It's entertainment for any movie and comedy lover.



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