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Review: Greenleaf- Season 1

It recently arrived in the Netflix, more precisely last Friday, the series Greenleaf, originally produced and shown by the channel OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) - yes, Oprah besides being the owner of the world, has a channel with her name since 2012.

Created by Craig Wright, the plot reports the trajectory of the episcopal family - a term widely used to discern people who hold ministerial positions within a Christian religious institution - Greenleaf (which gives the series its name), made up by Bishop James (Keith David), his wife Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield), his sons Jacob (Lamman Rucker) and Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) - and their respective spouses Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) and Kevin (Tye White), respectively - and grandchildren. All living in the mansion located on a ranch in Memphis, Tennessee. James is the leader and founder of the Protestant church called Brotherhood of Calvary, where it has many members and a community center that employs many people and provides service to the entire community.

In the first episode of the series, we are introduced to this family that until then, has no suspicion of anything and also to Grace (Merle Dandridge), the middle daughter who returns to her hometown for the funeral of her youngest sister, Faith, who mysteriously committed suicide. Grace is famous in the city for being the daughter of who she is, of course, and also, for having been before she left, a born preacher who infected everyone around her and also the members of Calvary with her oratory of faith.

The cast in the series' promotional photo | Playback: OWN

Upon arriving at the family ranch next to his daughter Sophia (Desiree Ross), Grace is welcomed by her father under strong hugs and smiles and it is clear that her relationship with her father is better compared to her mother, brothers, uncle and sister-in-law - with the exception of Kevin, who helps her. on a mission in a few episodes ahead.

“Telling this potentially explosive story with Oprah, a partner who has so much respect and affection for the Church, just like me, whose whole body of work is infused with what I would call a faith-based humanism ”, said the series creator at a press conference to announce the production . “It is an opportunity that appears only once in a lifetime. It is a blessing ”, he added.

Oprah signs the executive production of the series, in addition to playing Mavis, the sister of Mae and Mac (Gregory Alan Williams), the antagonist of the series - and if we are going to classify the good guy, the bad guy and the like, everyone in the plot presents a villainous behavior and brings a paradox because they belong to an evangelical community, like someone who says “that shouldn't happen!”. On the same occasion of the press conference, Oprah showed his enthusiasm for working with Craig and also, because OWN produced a series with such human themes. "This program will be a fun ride," he reported.

Crítica: Greenleaf- 1ª Temporada 1
“Greenleaf” series poster | Playback: OWN

Behind the Sunday speeches and sermons of faith, the series addresses topics that may shock society because they do not understand very well what it is about. Greed, adultery, sibling rivalry (of blood and faith), money laundering and corruption, homosexuality, deviation of character and use of drugs and illicit substances by adolescents, are the themes covered during the thirteen episodes of forty-two minutes.

Craig made a point of touching the wound and reporting that even in a Christian home he has as many sins as inside the homes of those who are considered “of the world” and without reservation, unlike the Catholic church that chooses to stifle cases of pedophilia, rape and child sexual violence, the text is full of ironies and quotes to references and biblical texts, which the characters use to justify their mistakes and interpret the sacred scriptures as they please.

The plot also shows the enrichment of religious leaders and leads to that discussion about the administration of tithes and offerings given by the faithful - explicitly, the family split, the behavioral posture and dress of First Lady Lady Mae and even the purchase of a private jet, in one of the episodes, justifies this enrichment and “well-good” of pastors, bishops and others linked to a religious community.

Crítica: Greenleaf- 1ª Temporada 2
Actress Merle Dandridge as Grace, in “Greenleaf”, in one of the scenes of the resumption of the characters in one of her sermons in the church | Playback: OWN

With a predominantly black cast - this is the feeling of the productions of the Oprah channel, because she also believes and fights for black empowerment - the series arrests you and does not tire you out and will make you not wait the fifteen seconds of waiting between one episode and another. Each character has a secondary story and these stories are linked to the great mystery surrounding the first season. The second season was confirmed long before the first aired in the United States and will begin on March 15th at OWN. Here, we keep the first one and look forward to the second one coming soon.

Meanwhile, the series pleased and very much. And as Thunder loves good things, here's our tip for you to marathon this weekend and don't forget to comment on what you thought about the performance of the cast, the soundtrack that is crazy good, the product itself.

See the technical sheet and complete list of Greenleaf.

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  1. I went to watch the 1st episode of Greenleaf out of mere curiosity, as it has been a while since I have had the courage to follow series. I was surprised in the first minutes of the series and I couldn't stop. It is a plot that involves you with dramas, secrets, corruption, and the day-to-day life of religious “practitioners”. It is possible to see that no religion differs from human beings.

    • Hi Jaqueline, how are you?

      Glad you liked the series, we here at Thunder, love it when readers read our texts, watch our tips and comment here. We are looking forward to the new season arriving here in Brazil. For a world with more series like that, right?

      Thanks for commenting, Jaqueline.
      A hug.

  2. Let it also be possible to see which series is series, life is life. I hope that the prejudice and generalization that already hang over Christians will not be strengthened.

    • Hello all well?

      The purpose of the series is not to denigrate anyone's image or to say that such a religion is worse or better than the others. The fact is that within a Protestant religion, so much happens that it should not happen precisely because it is a Christian religion. And the author and creator of the series spares us no detail, after all, regardless of whether or not they are Christians, first of all, they are human.

      Thanks for commenting.
      A hug! 😀

    • Hi Alessandra, how are you?

      The second season of Greenleaf is only available in the United States, here in Brazil it should arrive next year. If the series stopped, it is probably a hiatus - a pause that occurs in the entertainment world, very common in TV series and also in bands. Or, it may happen that the website you watch the series on, has not updated with the rest of the episodes.

      We are happy that you enjoyed our review.
      Do you already know our YouTube channel?

      Thanks for your comment and always come back, okay?
      A hug! 😉

  3. The series is really good. Draws attention by the level of the series. Here we don't see black people below or above anyone, just as people. The theme is profound. But I also think that the debate will be intense. The series is mega

  4. Hello, Aparecida. All right? Look, the series is really good isn't it? Deep, dense and with relevant themes that make us think about different things, regardless of religion.

    We were very happy with your comment and we really appreciate that you enjoyed the series. Here, we are very excited and looking forward to the second season.

    Get to know our social networks and our YouTube channel, which is full of interesting things. A hug and always come back, see? 😉

  5. My beloved brothers in Christ, we have to watch in Romans 16:17 says that:
    “And I beseech you, brethren, to note those who promote dissension and scandal against the doctrine you have learned; turn away from them. ”
    So my beloved ones when some actors in your contest interpret the biblical scripture at their leisure trying to justify their mistakes, which has no justification and thinking they are right. Certainly in Christians we must deviate from them, that is, this series is not a blessing.
    Certainly my loved ones and much more gratifying before God to read the scriptures and worship the living God, this is really wonderful.
    My beloved and my opinion, I don't feel well with these people who interpret the word of God as they please, let's get away from it.

    • Hello, Evaldo, how are you?

      Greenleaf is a work of fiction and any similarity to real life names, people, facts or situations is purely coincidental. The production is North American and Thunder is not responsible for any content presented in the episodes of the first and second seasons. As communicators, journalists and / or opinion leaders, our obligation is to pass on the facts through reviews and / or criticisms for entertainment purposes only.

      Thank you very much for commenting!
      A big hug! 😉

  6. Genteeeeeeeeee what is this perfect series wonderful cast and not counting the wealth of details, and super current themes I'm going crazy already I saw the 1st and 2nd in 24hrs. Green Life seasons I am already dying of sdds of each character and please keep me informed because I want to devour more of this wonderful series Congratulations to all for the elaboration of this true masterpiece #happy too ♥ ️ ????????

    • Thunder loves readers / viewers just like you, Anderson, who vibrate and assume they like a series, movie, book or anything related to entertainment. You can rest easy and rest assured that we will update you all our audience with true and very accurate information. In order not to miss anything, follow us on the social networks that we are always posting materials that complement our posts here.

      Thanks for comment, see?
      Big hug! 🙂

  7. Good series that really holds… I saw a comment in which the person is afraid of this splashing on evangelicals…. Because it happens a lot of things that leave us intrigued and that certainly GOD is seeing everything, everything that happens in the series happens in real life .. It is up to each one to do the right thing and really do what pleases GOD .. On the contrary, he will be punished for your mistakes

  8. What I really get out of this series is that God has seen everything is that He really wants us to serve Him for real, it is a fiction that more than really takes advantage and I see that serving GOD in sin and lies as in this series is to deceive yourself really… NO ONE SERVES TWO LORDS .. And in this series nobody serves THE TRUE LORD .. It is up to each evangelical who is astonished by what happens in the series if it is not happening in their lives ..
    Pure reflection

    • Hi Teco, how are you?
      No, it's actor Parnell Damone Marcano.
      Remember a little, right, looking very fast. LOL

      Thanks for your comment! 😉

  9. I loved the series. I was also surprised. I thought it would be a series aimed at simply criticizing the Christian-evangelical milieu, but I ended up discovering that it wasn't. The series, although dealing with several controversial themes, also addresses the issue of true spirituality. I identify myself a lot with the lgbt issues raised in the series, because as a Christian and gay, I went through these therapies and pressure, until I left the church, as treated in the series.

    • Hi Nestor, are you okay?
      Well, boy, the series is strong and open and is not afraid to expose the countless problems that exist within the churches. The second season focuses even more on this issue of LGBTQs being even more involved in positions and the like. What shouldn't exist, right? We have an idea of the church, as a place of welcome and shelter for the tired, but in practice ... congratulations on your courage to expose yourself and especially, not to give up on yourself within what you believe. Thanks for your comment! 😉

  10. I fell in love with this series, it holds a beauty 3 days each season. I would like to know, who can answer me at the beginning of the opening song, the first word seems hi mem, can someone answer me please

    • Hello, Denise, how are you?
      Glad you liked the series. The third season is now available, did you watch it?
      Soon we will have the criticism of the third year of the series.
      Regarding the word “AMEN”, I believe it is the one you are referring to, it means “AMEN”, in English.

      Return to Thunder whenever you can.
      A super hug. 😉
      Happy Holidays.

  11. A mega production, wonderful series portrayed without dyes or preservatives. It is recommended, it is a great resource to reflect the life of the church and the salvation of souls. GREENLEAF is the portrait of the ecclesiastical monopoly and other things, an insightful way to embellish sin. (Ignorance is lethal), recalling Lady Mae's line, “this world is just a waiting room for the next”. It was very gratifying, after watching it I developed a social project. GOD is good, all the time!


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