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Review | Greenleaf- Season 2


To speak of this series is to fall into the cliché and rip real silk for production, since it was launched and inserted in the catalog of Netflix, the premise caught my attention a lot and I could see that the objective of the series was not at any time, to raise flags of accusations nor to emphasize that the Protestant Christian religion is the best to be practiced.

Controversial and very well written and produced, Greenleaf arrived in its second season full of psychological games and giving, in fact, the beginning of the war between Grace (Merle Dandridge) and his uncle Mac (Gregory Alan Williams). Who followed the first season, saw that the cup overflowed from the memorial to Faith Greenleaf (Terri Abney), the youngest daughter of the Episcopal family who had been sexually abused and sexually abused by Uncle Mac and could not stand the psychological pressure, committed suicide.

From there, Grace begins an investigation on her own, taking her relationship with her family to an extreme and as if that were not enough, she decided to stay in Memphis, her hometown and dealing with issues of the past and the newly assumed position of pastor in her father's church.

Before leaving for New York, Grace was known for her fervent Sunday sermons and that made believers from all over the city choose Calvary Fellowship to share their respective faiths. Upon returning, he found his family immersed in economic interests, aiming at the exploitation of the faith of others and enriching "at the expense of offerings".

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Well, the plot twist purposeful in the last chapter of the first season, made several people very curious to know what would happen from then on. After countless information of incorrect dates for the second season premiere, finally from the last November 1st, we can continue this incredible story.

In addition to the closure of the Grace versus Mac storyline - something terrible happens in the ninth episode of the series - the big question that was on the agenda this season was how Protestant churches view homosexuality and how to deal with homosexuals within those same churches. .

Recently, we are experiencing a setback in Brazil with regard to homosexuality. A court injunction entitled “gay cure” generated a commotion and a huge revolt in social networks across the LGBT community, as well as supporters and campaigners of the cause. As if they knew what was going to happen, the gay healing theme was portrayed in a very simple, naked and raw way in the series, as in all the themes that the series addresses.

Actress Lynn Whitfield plays Lady Mae Greenleaf in the series Greenleaf | Photo / Playback: OWN / Oprah

The dispute for the power of the gospel was also another topic that was addressed. Two large, strong and imposing churches vied for the attention of the local community - all because of a reckoning between the pastor Basie Skanks (Jason Dirden), gives Triumph Church and the bishop James Greenleaf (Keith David). A real game of interests.

Gambling addiction, abusive relationship and violence against adolescent women, were also approached in a simple and objective way, without taking too many turns, as if to say: “that's it, it happens that way and it's worth understanding“. Divorce, the woman's return to the job market and a beautiful reconciliation between mother and daughter, happen.

The series takes a turn from the event in the ninth episode, which is worth understanding well and paying attention to the small details. The castle of Greenleaf it begins to crumble little by little and it is very interesting to follow the losses of the episcopal family. And it is better to stop here, or else some important information may escape.

Merle Dandridge as Grace Greenleaf in one of her fervent sermons on Calvary | Photo / Playback: OWN / Oprah

Meanwhile, the series pleased. It was not like the first season - the second came full of consequent actions from the first season and for it to take this turn in the plot, it is extremely important that the "doldrums" is present.

Those who follow season 2 will find it a little strange that there is no plot twists, which in season 1 was present in all episodes, but today, we see a denser series, better structured, with deeper dialogues, exactly as it should be - I repeat: until reaching the ninth chapter and the plot gives a deserved twist. .

Ah, there's a new cast in the series, see? They are extremely important for the development of the season. One of the names is the actress and singer LeToya Luckett, former member of the group Destiny's Child and who acted in the film The Pastor's Daughter - and here's a curiosity: The actor Gregory Alan Williams did LeToya's father in the movie mentioned above, but in the series, they don't act together. A pity, because it would be very interesting to review this reunion.

As has already been said, the aim of the series is not to denigrate the Protestant Christian religion nor to cause flags to be raised. Craig Wright, the creator of the series, has already made it very clear in several interviews that the series is a portrait of the purest reality and it is not because the protagonists are of an X religion, that things like this should not happen.

Actor Keith Davis and actress LeToya Luckett in one of Greenleaf's second season scenes | Photo / Playback: OWN / Oprah

The series exists and is available to be watched at any time, but not everyone is able to follow it. It takes mental maturity, a certain coldness and understanding and in fact to understand, that it is a work of fiction and that any similarity to names, people, facts or situations in real life, would have been a mere coincidence.

Oprah Winfrey signs the production of the series together with Craig, the creator. In fact, since its debut in OWN, in the United States, the audience is overwhelming and has yielded good results for the Oprah, which aims to highlight black actors and actresses with a "Q" for female empowerment. The soundtrack needs no comment, as beautiful as the photography, costumes and scenography.

The series has already been renewed for the third season in the USA and should arrive here in Brazil, for next year - still with no definite date. The president of the broadcaster, Erik Logan, was very excited about the direction the series has been taking over two seasons. "We can't wait to see what the next Greenleaf season will bring“Said Logan. "This series was instrumental in the evolution of the station's script programming and continues to attract viewers every week with its unique narrative and characters“, Celebrated.

The second season of Greenleaf is already available in the Netflix, as well as the first and not bad to do that marathon of two whole seasons. You won't even notice the hours go by, after all, “God is good at all times, at all times God is good" - understanders will understand.


  1. It is absurd how this season humbles the Christian people I watched the first season but I did not see anything added to the spiritual life on the contrary if I did not have a solid base in the faith I would not return the church. Thank God I realized the unreasonable way the enemy hates us. I am happy because it did not shake my faith, on the contrary, it only increased.

    • Hello Maria, how are you?
      Greenleaf is a work of fiction and any and all similarities to names, people, facts or situations in real life, would have been purely coincidental. The purpose of the series is not to denigrate the image of any religious institution, nor the faith of these people. It just shows what can happen to anyone anywhere, regardless of their faith, religion, color, gender, etc.

      Thanks for your comment, see?
      Big hug! 🙂

      • Exactly. We need to understand that American culture influences the gospel medium in that part of the world in another way. The evangelical churches there and here have their similarities and their great differences. I even think that the merit of the series goes on there too: bringing us precious information about how our brothers think and act when facing certain issues.

      • I liked the series, I think I needed to reveal what life is like in a church, which is not just glory, hallelujah, love. This is an alert to look at our own actions and attitudes of what we have been doing.
        let's stop Hypocrisy because we practice the same things.
        A series cannot shake our faith, because we watch so much crap and it has shaken your faith, so you need to review your identity as a Christian.
        Watch the global soap operas, series of vampires and so many crap we watch, this has shaken, you need to know what really shakes your faith. If your mind is easily broken, do not watch anything and seek spiritual help.

        • Look, I find this series weird to shake the faith of some people. I am not attending any church and it is amazing how this series has been touching my heart to establish my way in Christ in a church that I feel like Family. This show just took my blindfold off. It really is in Christ for Christ that we must change. "Damn man who believes in another man." That is the message I am getting on this show. Congratulations to all involved.

    • The series does not speak ill of the church, it shows how and not so different in Brazil.
      let's stop Hypocrisy because we practice the same things.
      A series cannot shake our faith, because we watch so much crap and it has shaken your faith, so you need to review your identity as a Christian.
      Watch the global soap operas, series of vampires and so many crap we watch, this has shaken, you need to know what really shakes your faith. If your mind is easily broken, do not watch anything and seek spiritual help.

  2. I'm almost done with the 2nd season of the series. I'm finding the series a bit still and without emotion. The first was better ..

    • Hi Fabiana, how are you?
      The rhythm of the second season is quite purposeful, because it justifies what happened in the first, deepens the events better and kind of prepares the audience for the third season. Things start to improve almost reaching the end of the season, kind of the rhythm of the first one, resumes. I hope you paid attention to the smallest details and to the dialogues, expressions and other topics covered. It is of paramount importance for the development of the series.

      Thanks for your comment, see?
      Happy 2018. 🙂

    • Hello Shirley, how are you?
      So, it was your impression. Charity has always been pregnant with only one child. What happened, in fact, is that she always tried and never managed to get pregnant. It was only after a treatment that she and her husband did that she managed to get pregnant. Soon, the first pregnancy was the first child.

      Thanks for your comment! 😉

      • In the 1st season episode 5 there to 17:45 when they are going to announce the pregnancy they say they are going to have twins, and in other ep then tbm, so it gets confusing, and when kevin opens the bedroom door he sees 2 cribs, the staff congratulates for the twins, I was also in this doubt what happened to the other baby?

        • It is in the series ... I agree with Iana, there is the scene of the two cribs and there is an episode where she says that one of the twins died

      • several times it is said that Charity is pregnant with Gemini, even when she fell out fighting with her husband, everyone asks how the babies were doing, and then when the mother is born she says she was doing a rotation to take care of the babies… Always talking about babies…. I thought it was strange ... He was confused at the ultra, the doctor says he had 2

      • Of course I'm not watching there is a medical examination scene there is a scene where they announce that they are twins there afterwards they say they lost the other baby I didn't understand anything in that part like with a big belly only one baby died ????

      • It was not impression did not see. It was clear that she was pregnant with twins. In the first season, this was said in some chapters.

      • It is not true, who watched the series paying attention saw that she always referred to the pregnancy of twins and not only she but other characters. Even in the scene that she is in the hospital when she feels sick after the argument with her husband!

      • Of course it was not an impression! She was pregnant with twins, yes. Also I didn't understand because only one son was born!

    • I also understood that ... on an ultrasound, the doctor says that the baby is not alone and has a little friend there… at another time, during a meal the couple announces that they will have twins… .. I was confused too

    • Yes, they were twins, it's a hole in the script and I felt the same way, I saw it straight away and I didn't understand why they didn't give any explanation

    • In the first ep, of the second season, Charity tells the CD producer and Carlton that she will induce the birth the following week, as the doctor advised to be very careful after the loss of the other twin.

  3. When Charity did the ultrasound, the doctor said they were twins. She also told her mother that she was pregnant with twins and when she was sick and went to the hospital, her sister-in-law asked if there was something wrong with the babies. How do you say it was just a baby?

  4. yes, it was a hole in the series, because it does not show the occasion of the death of the twin baby who died. only towards the end of the second season does charity have a sad moment for the death of her daughter. But I really liked the series, I'm waiting for season 3

    • It's a script so well-armed that I don't think it was a scoop in the series. It was on purpose and must have an intention in it.

  5. Being from the evangelical milieu and having been born and raised in a traditional Protestant church, I confirm everything that the series shows. It touched me a lot and strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ even more. It shows flesh and blood people who go through everything that life promotes, regardless of their spiritual path. And, in my opinion, the series does exalt the distinction in the lives of those who choose the Christian path. Even in trouble and trouble, the characters pray, persevere and attain graces through peace that surpasses all human understanding. And the authors, producers, actors and professionals who created the series certainly have strong Protestant Christian references for such a full performance. Anyone who has experienced, as a member, an evangelical church and has seen this perspective grow in Brazil, will have a deeper acuity for an assessment that, naturally, will be higher. And let's not generalize: yes, there are many churches very similar to those depicted in the series. As well as, there are churches with a very punctual distinction in their history and practices. However, without exception, ALL experience challenges very similar to those presented at Greenleaf. Churches will always be environments frequented by people with high demands for forgiveness involving their egressed lives. This is what Jesus Christ was here for. He came for those who need it most. Let us not be hypocrites, evangelical brothers: the series is very realistic! And it guides us to a passage of Holy Scripture, the Bible, which calls us to watch and pray that we do not fall into temptation. The sermons, the songs, the prayers, the services, the characters, the religious practices, in short, all very well portrayed. The great asset of the series is in dealing with the difference between the religiosity of the canons and the spontaneous spirituality present in most of the faithful who attend Christian churches. Beautiful and humble, the series shows the humanity of people of faith. This attribute (humanity), which God built in His image and likeness. Therefore, the more human and available to the Holy Spirit, the more Christians, in essence, we become.

      • Thank you for reading me. I realize, whenever I interact, that I dive deep into shallow water. Unfortunately, people don't read anymore. Not even foreign films with subtitles: they want dubbing! How do you build a personal process of awareness and perspective if you don't read the reverse of what we believe and trust? There is a “crippled” tendency to look for perspectives close to the “truths” developed by common sense. Thus, according to Nelson Rodrigues, a very dumb unanimity is formed around each semi-finished context. And the “semi” part is little and enough to keep the few and tangent immolations of the many who have accommodated themselves to the wide doors of the depersonalizing hells of the distinctions that make each one of us unique, full and beautiful! Narrow is the door that leads to the light. And let go of the door that accommodates the "blind" by option that require A LOT of space to conceal in more sophistry and philosophical spasms even the most obvious ululating (Look at Nelson Rodrigues again!) Wide open by small and imperceptible glows from the fireflies. Kiss in your wise and pertinent heart.

        • The people who appreciate the affection and attention with our texts, Paulo. It is always good to have readers who interact with our posts. We do it all for you.

          Big kiss to you! 😉

  6. I'm really enjoying it !! I watched the first season and now starting the second !! We really want to watch more and more kkkkkk very good and super recommended !!!

    • Isn't it, Ednelson?
      We are counting the hours for the third season to arrive here in Brazil.
      Glad you're enjoying the series. Always come back, see?
      A hug! =)

  7. I'm finishing watching two. Seasons, and I can't believe anyone managed to portray with such prism details of words gestures attitudes with so much potential and fervor I admire the writer and cast that represent the scenes seemed real and in moments that seemed to transport me to that good universe very good I am evangelical and I know of this reality then in the difficulty of comprehension so much to see that it sends approached with such discretion, and I believe if the author wanted or intended something, Serb he reached much More, to write with so much. Content domain we must choose and appreciate we rethink our principle and values of contribution to humanity.

    • Marilia, we are exactly like that, just like your reaction after watching the series.
      She's very strong, right? And even though it is a fiction, everything that is shown there is very real.
      Let the third season come! \O/

      Thanks for commenting, check back often! 😉
      A hug!

  8. First of all, good to have found a page talking about this Series. Love!!! It's my soap opera (since I don't watch soap operas). I think it is very good to recognize that in all religions, these conflicts and hairy stories (lol) can happen (and they do !!). The way Oprah drives is perfect. The quality of the series is great. The actors are incredible. And my faith is not shaken in this regard. lol In fact, Oprah inspires me. Congratulations Tot, for the page !!!

    • Hello, Heisi, how are you?
      Wow, what beautiful words, yours. Good to know that we have people who know how to separate fiction from reality. And on behalf of Thunder, I appreciate your compliment. I hope you stay with us forever, we have great news for 2019. Do you have social networks? If so, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and enjoy our fanpage (all of them, you can find as sitethunderwave), we have extra content there.

      A super hug and happy holidays. 😉

  9. Guys I discovered this series this weekend and I can't stop now I'm in episode 6 of season 3 in a marathon without limits !! What a good thing to see what happens behind the scenes of the churches, and how much they are mixed businesses out there, a little different from ours in Brazil, although some are very similar! Looking forward to the 4th, they are already to be congratulated for this series.

  10. Well I'm watching! and I believe that everything we see depends a lot on how our mind sees the angles, let's not forget that the film shows reality, right? if we focus on the dark side of the film we would do it in our real life the way we behave in a film says a lot about how we behave in real life also if we look at the miseries of the people in the film and how to overcome and absorb it is much better, this movie changes my life because I've been through this movie for a while, I've been believe how that girl is an example of them I don't know how the ending will be because I'm still watching I just know that God talks to me all the time in it!

  11. What happened to Gerard's son she said in the third season that she lost her son lara Jesus I didn't understand he died I was confused.
    The series shows the naked reality

  12. I love to see the hypocrisy unmasked, especially the religion of fanatics who enrich the fanatical, abusive, adulterers, gays, corrupt, corrupt of these ecclesiastical authorities, who put the Bible on their arm and feel like God. I am disgusted and that everyone seriously, all dirty, lose everything they have and kill themselves.

  13. Sobre os gêmeos, tem sim a cena em que a médica diz que são gêmeos, além das várias vezes que isso é dito durante a temporada. Num determinado momento tem uma fala do tipo: “depois que perdi (ou perdeu) os gêmeos, todos estão muito mais cuidadosos com esse meninos” ou algo desse tipo. Não sei por qual motivo, mas decidiram mudar a história, mas ficou muito confuso, uma vez qye, se ela realmente perdeu os gêmeos, não teria como ter engravidado novamente porque ela estava “separada”do marido. Ainda não terminei a 1 temporada e pode ser que a explicação para isso aparece nos episódios seguintes.


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