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Review: Greenleaf - Season 3

Since Greenleaf debuted in the Netflix Brazil, the series caught the attention and also, the audience's predilection. Right away, the premise of the plot instigates and arrests anyone who decides to give the program a chance, which since 2016 has revealed new talents and has already consecrated actors and actresses veteran of theater, cinema and independent works.

Originally produced and exhibited by OWN, in the United States, the Oprah Winfrey has as main purpose, to divulge and to praise the talent of black actors and actresses - in fact, 99% of the whole team of the channel of Oprah, is composed of black men and women. And not just that. Oprah she is a feminist and this means that female empowerment and protagonism are latent in the productions of her channel, as well as in her daily life.

The new year of Greenleaf came full of emotions and twists, showing the developments of the previous year and taking the plot to another level and also, increasingly, closing the siege in Grace (Merle Dandridge), being one of the most important female protagonists within the plot - and this is not even because she is the main character.

Crítica: Greenleaf - 3ª Temporada 1
Actor Keith David and actress LeToya Luckett, such as James Greenleaf and Rochelle Cross, respectively, in an important scene from the third season of 'Greenleaf' | Photo / Playback: OWN

As we saw at the end of the second season, the marriage of Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) and the bishop James Greenleaf (Keith David), trembled at the base when in the life and church of the episcopal family, appeared Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett), a business administrator and finance professional who decides to welcome the bishop at the height of his marital crisis, causing everything to fall apart.

In addition to marriage, the business of Greenleaf, which revolves around the Calvary Fellowship Church (Brotherhood of Calvary Church), also starts to go bad in the legs. With a huge debt, the religious institution fell into the fine mesh of the federal revenue and needs to pay the expenses. Fruit of the bad administration of Robert 'Mac' McCready (Gregory Alan Williams), which as a posthumous inheritance, left his family with a pineapple to be peeled.

The whole church is aware of the marital crisis of Greenleaf and with the news of the divorce, there is also a concern for the spiritual and financial future that the Calvary can offer to its members. In contrast, Lady Mae revisits her youth friend, the pastor Maxine Patterson, played brilliantly by the veteran and award-winning singer and actress, Patti LaBelle. His participation in the season, can be summed up in three or four episodes, but it steals the show with his talent and brilliance.

Crítica: Greenleaf - 3ª Temporada 2
Actresses Lynn Whitfield and Patti LaBelle | Photo / Playback: OWN

It is well known that the friendship between Mother and Maxine, remains as strong as the time that separated them. The chemistry between the actresses is perfect and one complements the other. The impression is that LaBelle and Lynn, have been friends for centuries and that the friendship between the actresses, went beyond and slipped in their performances, in the program.

Another super important plot that is addressed in the third year of Greenleaf, comes from the previous year: domestic violence. At any given time, Zora (Lovie Simone) decides to follow his instincts and the result is not so positive when he thought it would be. Before that, as a way to discipline her for her bad behavior, her parents, Jacob (Lamman Rucker) and Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne), choose to give it a more rigid treatment and the result is quite shocking - not the action itself, but the way Zoe deals with the family, their desires and everything.

Faith is again a topic in the third season of the show. Sophia (Desiree Ross), is affected by a health problem and brings to it, a certain consequence and the questioning about the existence of God, His deliverance, healing and the like, returns as an agenda for this moment in which the character lives. It comes to a similarity with the real life of us, mere mortals.

Crítica: Greenleaf - 3ª Temporada 3
From left to right: actresses Debora Joy Winans, Merle Dandridge and Lynn Whitfield in an end-of-season scene | Photo / Playback: OWN

Craig Wright, the series creator, continues in his role as showrunner and returns to write and direct some episodes of the current season, functions that accumulate / perform wonderfully well. His episodes, written and / or directed, are pure dynamism and the forty-few minutes fly by. Oprah does not return with its incredible performance in the skin of Mavis McCready, her performance is behind the scenes, behind the scenes, as the show's executive producer.

As not everything is flowers, there are also the not so cool parts of the season, for example, the relationship of Grace and Darrius Nash (Rick Fox). It seems that the writers focused on the couple's marital problems and property division Greenleaf, which made the protagonist's sentimental life in the background. in spite of Nash be very helpful to the girlfriend at a certain point in the plot.

Another dilemma that was taken "in the thighs", were the advent of the divorce of Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) and Kevin (Tye White). There was no deepening in this nucleus. What the series showed was a Charity unbalanced; dependent on medicines and tranquilizers; drunk, to the point of triggering alcoholism; a woman desperate for a man in order to remake her sentimental life; a somewhat denatured mother, who decides to run away with her son so that he would not be with his father, who now lives a homoaffective relationship with the lawyer Aaron Jeffries (William H. Bryant).

Crítica: Greenleaf - 3ª Temporada 4
Actress Lynn Whitfield | Photo / Playback: OWN

Of course, all of this was the result of the weight of a sudden divorce and how Charity he had dealt with all these problems. But there was no beginning, no story, no focus on this problem. The writers treated it as if it were filling in a gap, simply because they needed to address the issue, period. I would very much like to have seen more closely, the beginning, the during and the end of the period of depression, that as with a snap of the fingers, everything is over.

Crítica: Greenleaf - 3ª Temporada 5
Actresses Lynn Whitfield and Merle Dandridge as Lady Mae Greenleaf and Grace Greenleaf, respectively, in one of the final scenes of Season 3 | Photo / Playback: OWN

In the plot of Kevin and Aaron, there was also no progress. A scene of kissing, affection, Kevin readjusting to his new married life, how he would be dealing with his homosexuality, which had been repressed for so long, etc. Incidentally, the actor barely appears in the season and did not win prominent scenes. A pity, since from the beginning, the dilemma “Kevin versus homosexuality ”, would give a beautiful cloth for the sleeve.

A big secret is taken to the end of the season, which has a surprising outcome, with the right to heavy intervention by FBI. It is impossible to watch and not to be moved and react to the scenes, let it be said in passing, were very well directed. In fact, it is because of this great secret, that a new course in Greenleaf, will be taken from next year and that unfortunately, we will need to wait until the Netflix update your catalog with the fourth season.

It is better to end here, or else, spoilers may arise and compromise your experience of marathon the series. In fact, this third season is worthy of being marathon in a very short time. The series pleased and makes me want more. I can't wait for the next year Greenleaf to finally see Grace put all his gift and talent to run a church and, through his warm sermons, take back what belongs to Greenleaf by right.

Thunder Wave note
With dynamism and talent, Craig Wright presents a dense plot, full of twists and turns that will get you stuck in the TV. all this, linked to the talented cast, makes Greenleaf's third season a real success, consolidating itself as one of the best productions ever created in entertainment.
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  1. The series holds to actually see the end of the story. If there is actually any real Christian. Because when we accept Jesus we want life changes, we are imperfect beings in search of the perfection that is in Christ Jesus, so we sin and repent and let go. In this series, Christians sin, do not pray, do not really have a relationship with God. Everything says that God is good and that he is, but unfortunately, I only saw the search for power. the true gospel.Therefore, it scores zero for the series, for not being more careful with the Gospel of Christ. Approaches such as sexual violence and homosexuality were good. But I saw a corrupt church making the temple stage and applause always for the man. all exaltation is for God. Sad sees that the story is based only on hypocrisy.


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