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Review | Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts

Bringing together a lot of humor and astrology, the story follows Alice's journey.


Riding the wave of book-based productions that are very successful with the international audience, the Netflix he really knows how to be successful and the bet now is the launch of the series Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts, inspired by the popular literary work of Silvia Zucca which is an Italian production, which has everything to win fans of light and fun stories, marked by a lot of romance and unexpected situations.

Before we talk about adaptation, let's know a little about its author. Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts is a chick-lit book by Italian Silvia Zucca, published in Brazil in 2016 by Editora Suma. The author is trained in English and Literature, and, as the protagonist of her novel, worked for years for a small television network. Her real passion, however, has always been writing, and she now devotes herself full time to it, both as a translator and as an author. In addition, the author contributed as a consultant on the series and give her seal of approval to the platform's plot.

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With the same name as the book it is based on, “Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts” follows Alice, a 30-year-old woman who doesn't feel fulfilled with the direction of her professional and love life. With no prospects of ascending at work and with relationships that never go forward, the protagonist swears that she is living in an astral hell, which is an astrological phenomenon in which a person's life seems to get out of order. To complete the disaster, Alice receives, at the same time, the news that her ex-boyfriend is getting married and that the company she works for has hired a consultant to fire half the staff.

Claudia Gusmano is Alice. the skeptical protagonist who comes to believe in astrology / Netflix Reproduction

The first impression we have is that the series does not take itself seriously, but in a subtle and gradual way it makes us reflect on how we base our love lives. One of the questions that comes up is why did we grow up watching romantic comedies if stories like that never happen in real life? It looks like the plot will subvert the genre, but no. The protagonist wants to have her own romantic comedy story. She wants to find her own love and have a happy ending.

Everything changes when she meets and befriends a charismatic astrological guru who is also a well-known actor, Tio. Initially, Alice doesn't believe that stars and their personalities can be something to consider when it comes to love. However, he starts analyzing the stars to find his perfect match - betting on the power of the zodiac to improve his love life and have his happy ending.

A positive point is that the Italian production does not focus on clichéd horoscopes found in any newspaper or magazine, the subject is analyzed in more depth and with this, complete astrological charts are inserted and many conversations about the role of planets in mystical and spatial situations are inserted. . Another detail that makes all the difference is Uncle's explanation, talking about some Alice picks based on their signs and everything is confirmed.

For those unfamiliar with this study of the stars, many astrology enthusiasts claim that the birth chart – a spatial panorama created from the position of the planets at the time of a person's birth – can reveal specific details about the personality of all people and in areas very specific like friendship, profession and love, of course.

But as expected, Alice does not escape embarrassing situations, bad encounters and surprises and uncomfortable disagreements. During the narrative, the protagonist engages with men of different signs, and Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts does a great job of diversifying everyone's personality.

The protagonist wants to have her own romantic comedy story / Netflix Play

With short episodes and agile script, the plot makes the horoscope the central and essential theme that links the entire plot in a complete and tied way. Something similar that the series has with others of the genre like the Bridge Jones Diary or Valeria, is that the protagonist Alice could fit in any of the plots, because the characteristics are very noticeable. The way in which the images of cities are recorded is also similar and always with a romantic vision.

As well as other great hits available on the platform, Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts follows the same dynamic of Lupine, for example, with a season that has six episodes already available in the catalog and its sequel or part two scheduled for release next year. Making viewers even more anxious for an ending for Alice who has the sixth and final episode ended abruptly and openly frustrating the viewer who expected a very different ending, less disappointing perhaps.

Here the performances are very good, the soundtrack is spectacular and the characters are charismatic and very likeable. The sets are impeccable and the chemistry between Alice and Uncle works very well. If you don't understand anything about astrology, rest assured, the series knew very well how to approach the subject in a lightly amusing way, with jokes and without taking itself too seriously. The series works precisely for that, it delivers everything we expect from a good romantic comedy, with the exception of the arc broken by the twist of the last episode.

The cast includes Claudia Gusmano, Michele Rosiello, Lorenzo Adorni, Alberto Paradossi, Esther Elisha, Fausto Maria Sciarappa and Emanuela Grimalda. The original Netflix production premiered on October 27th.



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