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Review | Halloween Kills: The Horror Continues

Halloween Kills manages to be superior to the previous one, being a homage to classics of the horror genre of literature and transforming Michael Myers into a new kind of fear in the life of a city and not just a person.


The second film in the new trilogy Halloween which started in 2018 and will have its last, Hallween Ends, in 2022, finally arrived to give some good scares for this year of 2021.

Halloween Kills continues on the same night of the events of the previous feature, that is, everything we saw with Michael Myers getting stuck in the house in a fire, it didn't end. So it's important that you've seen Halloween 2018, otherwise you'll be a little lost. Not much, as it's practically a single movie, only the issues related to Laurie and her family will be a little weird.

Just like the previous one from 2018, which is a direct continuation of the events of the 1978 original, this new one recalls what happened with some survivors of the second 1981 feature. After that, different from what horror fans are used to with teenagers who want nothing with nothing, Kills has a focus on pretty much the entire city and the nightmare they've been living for over 40 years.

It wasn't just Laurie, played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis that remains haunted by Michael, but other survivors that we ended up forgetting, but that the film makes a point of slapping us in the face about it.

Of course the clueless teenagers are present, but the true human facet appears much more, even than the presence of Michael. The criticism of how much we hide our pain and frustrations comes when it is discovered that Michael is back and a good part of the city was still unaware of his return. The search for revenge for those who lost their children more than 40 years ago is explicit, and wanting to end the bad tonight is their only objective, even if it brings consequences in the lives of innocents.

Throughout the film we have these two sides, the townspeople and Michael practically walking around and killing some people in the most innovative and even comical ways.

É interessante observar que Halloween Kills foge do terror, até psicológico, ao apresentar a humanidade como um vilão. Algo que era muito comum nos antigos filmes do gênero. Em certos pontos, como uma cena do hospital, uma perseguição lembra – e deve ser uma homenagem – ao Notra Dame's Hunchback, who is chased by an angry mob. And how not to see the end of it all and not think about the Frankstein's Monster?

Halloween Kills manages to be superior to Halloween 2018, with a Michael Myers that scares more for being that fear that is much more a phobia so terrifying that it becomes, because any shadow or noise, it could be him present there.



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