Chelo (Jorge Diaz) is a troublesome type, who does not take life seriously and lives on the spree, with lots of drink and drugs. His girlfriend, Angie (Shakira Barrera), is trying to help with his life and encouraging him to stop drinking and get a job now that he is getting off the hook. But when he finds out that he can get superpowers when he’s drunk because of some experimental drugs, he’s torn between changing his life or using his powers to help others.

High & Mighty is a comedy, which is clear from the beginning by its slashed tone. However, he tries to pass a very interesting message through the protagonist’s addiction, also addressing issues such as prejudice and financial problems. Through the jokes, the script takes advantage to point out these issues, such as the judgment that Latinos – including the protagonist when saving a store – suffer. It is through them also that the ridicule of the situation is pointed out, when Chelo can not be taken seriously for always being flat.

High & Mighty | Image: Stage 13’s

High & Mighty’s morality becomes clear, especially with some sermons Chelo receives from his girlfriend and mother, from which they open their eyes to how much their addiction makes those around them suffer. In a very fanciful way, the script represents the justifications that the addicts give themselves to continue feeding their addictions, even if it hurts those who love them.

This view is really interesting, however, excessive breaks and humors end up disrupting this reflection, taking away the weight of the scenes altogether. The choice of approaching such a topic through humor is not wrong, but rather the way they treat it as a little less exaggerated, perhaps it would fit better in this work.

Produced by Stage 13’s, High & Mighty debuts on December 14th on HBO Latino.


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