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Start Series Reviews Criticism | I Am Not Okay With This- Season 1

Criticism | I Am Not Okay With This- Season 1

With a fresh and jovial tone, the intensity of the series is perfect for those who like this fictional universe

The latest original production from Netflix surprised everyone by its duration. With seven episodes of approximately twenty minutes, I Am Not Okay With This  is about two and a half hours long. It is much less than it has The Irishfor example, and it is not much longer than most films from the last Oscar. As a series, the new project is a drama mixed with comedy and a dash of fiction that is well intentioned and pleases. In a way, the production sins for a single reason: the lack of depth in its themes and characters. But, still, he has excellent photography, soundtrack and talks very well with other very famous productions. The series offers a very fun, youthful freshness, so light that it is possible to watch without realizing the time passing., Lulled by the protagonist's thoughts Sid.

The story revolves around Sidney (Sophia Lillis), an introverted teenager who tells the story as she makes notes in her diary, due to the guidance of the school counselor who tries to help her with her grief and aggression. She is very friendly with Dina (Sofia Bryant), which in the course of the plot is involved with Brad (Richard Ellis) and the relationship of the two are distant. In this, Sid begins a friendship with Stanley (Wyatt Oleff). And in the meantime, strange things start to happen. Sid has unknown powers. It’s not like Eleven in Stranger Things, but it shares a great similarity. Sid's father died last spring and she lives with her little brother, Liam (Aidan Wojtak-Hissong) and the mother Maggie (Kathleen Rose Perkins). She feels empty due to the loss of her father. And she almost always acts rudely and hostile to her mother, with whom she does not have a good relationship (she is cold as ice). Furthermore, she still suffers bullying at school and feels deeper feelings towards Dina.

I Am Not Okay With This
Stanley and Sid on I Am Not Okay With This / Netflix

Lillis, known for her role in the franchise It: The Thing, is exceptionally incredible in that role. It portrays a very introverted person who feels out of place at school. His weird way draws the attention of the viewer and Stanley, which in itself draws more attention than any other character in the production. Stanley is charismatic, kind, intelligent and very cute, a real prince. It is wrong to think that he comes on a white horse, quite the contrary. It is modern and "retro" at the same time. He has an intrinsic sense of humor and draws a lot of attention for his charm. Unfortunately, he has a somewhat complicated life. He does not get along very well with his father, who spends more time away from home and when he is not playing his role as a father. Dina already draws attention from the first episode for being beautiful, fun and friendly.

The dynamics of the season is easy to follow and holds the viewer's attention. Although the plot has good themes like the bullying, sexuality, family relationship, love relationships, friendship, the use of drugs such as marijuana, grief and aggression, none of these topics are covered in depth. 

In some scenes, we see many references like Carrie with the right to dress at the ball and lots of blood, Club of Five in the fifth episode in which the galley is detained and involved in impossible and unbelievable situations.

The look of I Am Not Okay With This gets to look like The End of The F *** ing World and this can say that the structure, text and the “rush” of his narratives come from the HQ on which he is based, since both series are inspired by works by the same creator, Charles Forsman. HQ compresses several events in just over 150 pages, but still manages to get its message across, although it hurries matters and closes abruptly. However, with a well-tied script and a production cast that does not play in service, the series mixes the new with the old and this mixture results in a show in the form of a series. The soundtrack is an important element that conducts the plot in a sublime way.

Finally, we have a show dynamic and tiring, however, we have a history that does not delve into the various themes it touches. In the end, the result is positive and leaves a taste of “I want more”.

Thunder Wave note
Even without delving into the important issues it presents, the series is a great production.



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