In its debut, the Korean film Zombie Invasion surprised by its quality and conquered the international market. Although not exactly original, the plot uses simple and accurate elements, sharpening the audience's empathy and becoming engaging from start to finish.

Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula it serves as an indirect continuation of the first film, where the only link is the zombie outbreak that hit the country. Four years after South Korea was seized by the virus infection, the Korean peninsula was isolated and the inhabitants who managed to escape became refugees in nearby countries, with a focus on Hong Kong. When a group of people are given the mission to return to the peninsula in search of a truck forgotten there, with a load of 20 million dollars, they return to the post-apocalyptic site, but when they get there they discover survivors, in addition to the zombies. These survivors are divided into distinct groups, a family and a group that formed a dangerous and somewhat crazy organization.

With a well-justified script, Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula it manages to entertain to a certain extent, but too many exaggerated scenes and poorly placed special effects spoil the experience. At various times it is possible to see “Americanized” elements that compromise the proposal initiated in the first feature, including a good part of the cast communicating in English.

The long dramatic moments, which seem to try to force the viewer to feel something in scenes that are not generating empathy, break the mood and spoil the arguments made by the script, along with the scenes that force actions, unnecessarily long car chases and effects that do not translate well on the screen, but are used all the time.

Crítica | Invasão Zumbi 2: Península 1
Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula / Paris Movies

The sequence does not go so far as to spoil the legacy of the first feature, leaving its connection with him well explained and isolating itself in relation to the events that occurred previously. With new families and personal justifications, he does not clash with his predecessor, even though it is almost impossible not to make a comparison between them.

Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula it is a common work that manages to please anyone who sets out to ignore the excesses employed. However, it does not conquer as the first film and leaves the feeling that it is just another zombie production easily forgotten.

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critique-invasion-zombie-2-peninsulaThe film manages to amuse, but sins by excess and becomes more a common work of zombies that tries to force charisma in the public.


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