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Criticism | Brotherhood

New Brazilian bet on the Netflix catalog

In the past two years, Netflix has been betting on some Brazilian series to be part of its streamings network this is the case of Tuning, The Chosen One, 3%, among others. The bet is: Brotherhood. Obviously we had early access to the first season and we couldn't help but bring our first impressions to you.

At the beginning, the story revolves around lawyer Cristiane (Naruna Costa), who works for the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo. She who lives an everyday life sees her world turned upside down when she is forced to infiltrate a criminal faction and work against her own brother - Edson Ferreira (Seu Jorge) one of the organization's leaders. From then on, we are introduced to the other characters that help to connect the story and make us understand the past of the main characters: Edinho, as he is known and Dr. Cristiane.

The plot has some upsets, mainly of the character Cris, who at the apex of the series is forced to choose between her professional ethics and her principles or the love for her brother, who she stayed away for more than 20 years. The lawyer, after making her choice, never imagined that she would interfere in the lives of so many people and perhaps go on a path of no return.

The Brotherhood it brings up some discussions such as corruption and the failure of the prison system to rehabilitate inmates to live in society again. In addition, it raises some questions about addictions, machismo and the cruelty that people are forced to endure in some prisons in our country.

Brotherhood | Image: Netflix

The series has a good script, but in some episodes you can feel that there is a certain difficulty in getting to the idea they wanted to convey. The first episode served to introduce us to the characters and their stories. From the second episode on, the plot becomes tedious, but it manages to catch its breath from the fourth to the sixth chapter (as far as it was released by the company to watch previously) - which by the way is quite predictable, however well produced.

The high point of Brotherhood it is the excellent interpretation of Seu Jorge and Naruna Costa, who bring their characters to life in an exceptional way. In addition to the main actors, the production still counts on its cast with Lee Taylor (Ivan), Hermila Guedes (Darlene), Danilo Grangheia Andrade, Pedro Wagner (Carrion), Wesley Guimarães (Marcel), among others.

The series has eight episodes with an average duration of 49 minutes and all were produced by 02 films, in partnership with Netflix. With the creation of Pedro Morelli and general production by Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck the premiere will take place on the day October 25.

Thunder Wave note
Although in some moments the series is quite tedious, it tells a good story and with very well produced episodes, it is worth watching.


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