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Review | Jack the Ripper - The Untold Story


the famous and mysterious assassin Jack the Ripper is back in a feature film that makes a different reinterpretation of the character.

Jack the Ripper - The Untold Story takes place in London, in the year 1888, and revolves around the famous investigation of the most globally known unsolved case. Directed and scripted by Steve Lawson, the plot presents the work of the Inspector Edmund Rees (Phil Molloy) in his quest to find the person responsible for the deaths of women in the alleys of the Whitechapel neighborhood. Next to the inspector is the coroner Thomas Locator (Jonathan Hansler), helping to discover the causes of deaths.

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As events unfold, everyone involved in the narrative becomes suspect, each with an apparent obscure motive, whether to leverage their profession or get money, each individual appears to be plausible in the crimes.

However, the real culprit in this story becomes evident very quickly to the most intent onlookers, even with the clear attempt to put up false evidence to deflect suspicion.

Jack the Ripper - The Untold Story works with an interesting plot, using motives and characters that are promising, but cannot keep up a good execution. The extremely repetitive and expository dialogue gets in the way of the suspense they try to employ in the production, with long lines and conversations becoming tedious and interfering with the real interest of the investigation.

Jack the Ripper - The Untold Story / Disclosure

The use of repeated scenes also spoils the mood, with the interest becoming more difficult to maintain throughout the events and the climax, which should have been surprising, spoiled by yet another dialogue that needlessly repeats the information over and over again and the surprise of the revelation. very spoiled by the previous tips.

Unfortunately, Jack the Ripper - The Untold Story it's a good idea lost in poor execution. Efforts to bring a groundbreaking story end in a mix of empty interpretations and tiring moments.



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