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Review: Jessica Jones- Season 1

Difficult to think of a more anticipated series than Jessica Jones. After the success of demolisher, a Netflix proved that his partnership with Marvel it is no joke and quickly Jessica Jones fell in favor with the public. It is with great satisfaction that I tell you that I watched the full season of Jessica Jones and yes, it meets all the expectations created!

** Don't worry, this season's review is spoiler free. **

First, let's remember that Jessica Jones is the second series of the four premieres leading up to The Defenders.

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter, in Breaking Bad) is a private detective who has powers (super strength, endurance and an “almost flight”), in the past she was a victim of the brain control powers of Killgrave (David Tennant, in Doctor Who) and now she has moved away from everyone, including her friend she grew up with Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor, in 666 Park Avenue). However, she discovers that Killgrave is back and is the only one who can defeat him.

David Tennant as Killgrave

Continuing the wave of subtlety in introducing the characters, we gradually discover each other's past, while following Jessica's battles. All of this, of course, with many references along the way, starting with the name of the investigations company, By the way, which was Jessica's first appearance in the comics. Killgrave, known as  Purple man, ended up not being purple in the series, despite all the arts where David Tennant appeared painted, so everything that involves the character is purple, the clothes, the lights, his favorite color… Finally, we have a certain scene where we suggest the name Sapphire for Jessica, one of the names she had in the comics.

Jessica Jones Luke Cage
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Luke Cage (Mike Colter, in The Good Wife) is subtly introduced here, giving a good basis for your solo series that will hit Netflix. Many important elements for the future of the other series, including the already launched Daredevil, are started here too, to be better explained in the future.

If Demolishedr abused fights, Jessica Jones preferred to abuse drinks and sex. The heaviest scenes are of a sexual nature. They are not unnecessary, but get the kids out of the room!

The performances, as expected, are more than wonderful. Krysten Ritter can take many episodes alone, and that says a lot about her talent. David Tennant was fabulous as Killgrave, managing to put all the emotional charge necessary for a villain as well elaborated as this. The support cast also left something to be desired, but I want to highlight Carrie-Anne Moss, eternal Trinity in Matrix, who played the role of a lawyer who is not afraid to step over anyone to avoid destroying her career. The actress managed to show her character very well, getting to anger in many moments.

Finally, I want to talk about the villain. Leaving my side Whovian aside (yes, and David Tennant was my favorite doctor. The biggest anxiety I had to watch Jessica Jones was to see the actor playing such a villain), let's focus on the character. I'm the type who likes a well-working villain much more than a hero, and Killgrave is the perfect example of a good villain. It is not uncommon for us to question whether his motives are not fair and I think this is what makes the character so good, after all, without a good reason, there is no way to have an explanation for doing wrong. Couple that with David Tennant's wonderful sarcastic performance and Killgrave quickly wins over the audience.

Jessica Jones really fulfills everything it promised, leaving something to be desired only in the characterization. For being very realistic, the production chose to take the characteristics of the characters from the comics, such as Killgrave being really purple, Jessica's flight and even her characterization, some fans may miss these elements.

The first season of Jessica Jones is now available on Netflix.

See the technical data and complete cast of Jessica Jones. 

Thunder Wave note
Even taking some elements out of the comic, Jessica Jones keeps her promise and delivers quality production.


  1. Hi
    Jessica Jones is new to me since I haven’t read HQ for a long time, I watched until episode 6 and I loved everything I’ve seen so far. I will leave p resvitinhas because I was very curious about it.

    Reader Heart

  2. I didn't know that Jessica Jones was the most anticipated series, in fact, I had never seen it speak… Well, I'm not sure what to think, in general, I think I need to see some episodes to see if I like it

  3. Hi, Taranis!

    I don't even know what to comment! I just loved Jessica Jones, started watching on Friday at 10am and went until 1am on Saturday morning (even marathon runners need to take a short break between episodes sometimes). She exceeded all my expectations and Tennant's performance was brilliant, even in the absence of purple on his skin, the move to use purple lighting in the room was brilliant!

    Allons-y! Kisses, Maria.

  4. I confess that I looked forward to Jessica Jones. But I didn't like the pilot.
    I will insist on the series, but an episode or two, if the series doesn’t win me over, I will leave it alone.
    I really like Daredevil, for me a wonderful series that holds you from beginning to end of each episode.

  5. I'm liking Jessica Jones, as always netflix has devastated superhero series. The sexual imprint of the series was to be expected, because in the comics it is like that, right? As I love sex, I don't mind, I'm just loving it. I'm going back to my marathon, kkk Kisses

  6. I started watching and I'm loving everything. For me, the most important thing about this series is that it comes to talk about abuse. Marvel is highlighting a very important theme for us women. Jessica is a character full of nuances that interests me a lot.


  7. Hello all well?
    This is the second review of Jessica Jones that I read and I am pleased to know that people are approving the series. I just haven't watched it yet because of college work (end of semester; /), but as soon as I'm on vacation I'll do a series marathon.
    Daredevil, for me, was so perfect and I hope Jessica Jones is too.


  8. Hi !!
    I really want to watch this series, but I confess that I don't know the character very much. I believe I will like it, the works that Netflix has been producing do not leave anything to be desired.

  9. I heard a lot about this series, but I still haven't watched it because I got lost when the mega hd movies ended kkkk
    but on the holidays I intend to see the two you mentioned, even because I love Marvel <3
    kisses kisses

  10. It is the second review I read about the first season of this series. I was already inclined to give it a try, but now it looks like I NEED to watch this production. Wow. I really liked the characterization of the character… The fact that she was determined not to be a heroine attracted me. Anyway, I intend to watch as soon as possible.


  11. Hello all well?
    I'm seeing a lot of comments about this series out there, which makes me curious, but I'm not even in time to see mine, so imagine starting another one? But I will mark the tip 😉

    Kisses: *
    Larissa - srtabookaholic.blogspot.com


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