Criticism | John Wick: Parabellum, preparing for war!


He returns, or rather, continues! In this third part, John is even more dangerous than in the previous chapters.

After having lost his wife, killed his dog, stolen his car, destroyed his house and he was excommunicated by the High Dome, it seems that nothing else could go wrong for the Boogeyman.

Well, it just seemed. Because now he has to face the whole legion of assassins that are on his trail and still collect debts from those who owe him.

The film continues with the game-style narrative, with unbridled action, shots at the best of Uncharted and the scenes with dialogue that look like the cut scenes of many games.

The script suffers some slips, but it's practically something that no one will notice, even if it's John going from one country to another, returning from them and realizing that there was no reason for it.

The new characters that enter the scene are very good, especially the one played by Angelica Houston. Halle Berry has an excellent choreographed scene with dogs and gunshots, which shows how happy the team was in this creation. Unfortunately, the actress just stayed there.

Mark Dacascos makes a great character, with serious and hilarious scenes. And the actor is still very good in the fight scenes.

John Wick grows with each new film and Keanu Reeves is much more comfortable in his role. It may not have the same charm as James Bond or be as good at fighting as Jason Bourne, but it sure is more of a "J" with great firepower!

And let the curtains go up! To the next!



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