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Start Series Reviews Criticism | La Casa de Papel- 4th part

Criticism | La Casa de Papel- 4th part

The long awaited 4th part of La Casa de Papel. On April 3, the Netflix made part 4 of the production available in its catalog, which is already in the first place of the TOP 10 Brazil of the service.

One of the events that most caught the public at the end of the 3rd part was the concern with Nairobi and about that, the plot does not waste time. The series begins with this fight against time to try to keep it alive. However, surgery will be required to remove the bullet from her body and no member of the group is prepared for such a risky and delicate operation. At that moment, all the possibilities of how to proceed with the case and the decision of Nairobi are analyzed, which generates conflicts between the group that is divided, which provides a great time for Tokyo (Ursula Corberó) apply a coup d'état and become the leader of the plan

Crítica | La Casa de Papel- 4ª parte 1
Scene in which the group begins to discuss what to do with Nairobi / Netflix

The way the characters are treated shows many human feelings, everyone has their moment to open up and show how they feel. An assault would interfere a lot with a person's psychological, and this is what the writers try to bring in the characters' dialogues, to show that underneath all the hardness, strength and courage, they are sensitive and place each other's protection above any decision. This is yet another season to show that the assailants have really become a family and this fact is always explored when possible.

During that same time, the Teacher (Alvaro Morte), who is being chased by the police, tries to escape and at the same time prosecute the possible death of Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), your wife. We follow the teacher's suffering and despair very closely, which at times causes tension, as it appears that he may have no more plans or that he may end up losing himself in mourning and failing to continue the leadership of the group. 

The plot also presents a little more about Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) that at first we see that he was primarily responsible for devising the plan for the gold theft of the National Bank of Spain. So, the new year goes deeper into his personality, the way in which he thinks and his relationship with the Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and the Professor. 

Berlin, one of the public's favorite characters, appears frequently in Part 4 of the series, both to kill viewers' nostalgia and to give an even greater explanation of the plan's origin. As usual the series has a few moments to flahback and one of the chosen events was one of Berlin's weddings, as he claims to have married 5 times.

Crítica | La Casa de Papel- 4ª parte 2

The inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) is even more challenging, doing everything to see the group collapse and, for that, uses manipulation to make Lisbon betray the group and reveal where the Professor is. It goes a little deeper into what happened with the River (Miguel Herrán) during the kidnapping and how the trauma of being tortured affected his psychological and the way he will face that trauma.

And of course the Arthuro (Enrique Arce) could not be left out, always causing intrigue, but now everyone believes that it may have crossed the line. 

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One of the highlights of this season is the betrayal of one of the group's members and the freedom and discovery of a great threat that can endanger both the assault and the life of everyone in the group. This enemy will be responsible for causing more conflict and tension between the assailants. Another interesting point shown is that regardless of the situation, they need to remember who they are and even more who they are not: murderers.

As in the previous parts of the series, the Professor is always revealing part of the plan and with each action they take, viewers are taken by surprise and are even more anxious to see the outcome of this assault and how they will get out of it.

Thunder Wave note
The 4th part of La Casa de Papel manages to make the viewer feel joy, sadness, have nostalgic moments and many surprises with the events of the exciting new year


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