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Crítica | Locke & Key – 1ª temporada


Based on the HQ of Joe Hill, launched twelve years ago, Locke & Key is a work that mixes fantasy and suspense, which after a long wait, finally debuts on Netflix. With an engaging and original plot, the first season of production easily manages to please the viewer, of all ages.

The production is carried out by the Locke brothers, Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Goat (Jackson Robert Scott), who move into the Locke mansion with their mother, Nina (Darby Stanchfield) after the father was murdered. There, they find keys that have different powers and that seem to attract some dangers. In that first year, the series revolves around the keys found by children and the mysteries that surround the city's past.

Locke & Key / Netflix

In its first season, Locke & Key he is able to present the question about the mysterious keys without difficulty, placing new information along with the action, which leaves the fluid rhythm. When presented in the first episode, this pace seems rushed, as it explains a lot in a short period of time, but throughout the season this way seems to work very well, fixing the loose ends in some episodes and without running the risk of getting boring for excess of details.

In an engaging way, the script addresses much more than fantasy, going beyond the mystery that surrounds the family father's past, the hidden keys and why children seem special to them. Family issues, which involve unity and honesty, in addition to an enormous psychological background, are placed in a subtle and certain way in the production, a way that Hill usually uses in his works.

Contrary to how it was sold, Locke & Key this is not a series of horror, but fantasy. However, fans who wanted to see the classic elements of horror will not be totally disappointed when they watch the first season, as it contains several tributes to greats of terror, that includes easter eggs with known productions of Stephen King, and even creator participations.

Locke & Key / Netflix

Alguns buracos e explicações rasas são deixadas durante a primeira temporada, detalhes que podem incomodar os espectadores mais atentos e irritar os que estão cansados das famosas “idiotices” dos personagens. Porém, com uma segunda temporada já garantida, é possível relevar algumas dessas pontas soltas, com a esperança de que sejam exploradas no próximo ano.

The adaptation remains as faithful as possible, delivering a visual very similar to the original work, very well grounded by the great effects of the production. It is possible to verify major changes in relation to the HQ, but that seem to work in this new format, where non-readers can locate themselves, only losing some details and references for not having read the comic, but without impairing the understanding.

Locke & Key it has an original and well executed plot, with an interesting visual, great performances and differentials that portray in a unique way deeper issues. It is certainly a great refreshment at a time when the themes do not seem to change and a good addition to the Netflix catalog.




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