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Lucicreide (Fabiana Karla) is a maid who has to deal with her five children, the abandonment of her husband and, to make matters worse, the arrival of her mother-in-law who has just been evicted. Tired, she has only one wish: to go far away. This is how Lucicreide becomes one of the candidates for a one-way trip to Mars, with the help of her boss's son, Tavinho, she ends up on her father's shortlist for this mission and this is just the beginning of the story. Along with other candidates, Lucicreide embarks on training that will decide who will go to Mars.

Lucicreide goes to Mars | Paris Films / Downtown Films

We follow how Lucicreide tells this story in an investigation room, which with each scene gathers more listeners, it is a delicious narrative and that really makes people want to hear it until the end. Without major twists, it's a movie to enjoy without rushing, without expecting big surprises, but still, to laugh at the hilarious scenes that are natural, without exaggerated jokes. One of the highlights of the film are the references to other movie classics, such as Alien and Star Wars, without being forced, these scenes come as an extra spice.

Although it's a comedy, the film also has emotional messages. Lucicreide seeks to understand why other candidates are interested in going to Mars, which results in deeper conversations, without leaving the comic background that permeates the entire film. Despite wanting to get away from the family and all the problems, in the end, what matters is being close to those we love, despite all the difficulties that exist along the way.

Lucicreide goes to Mars | Paris Films / Downtown Films

The film also features scenes recorded at NASA, such as the arrival of candidates at the training base, being welcomed by Marcos Pontes, the first Brazilian astronaut, who is also responsible for showing the base's facilities. The sequence where candidates are in training for zero gravity was recorded on an astronaut training aircraft. This becomes the first production to record at NASA since Armageddon (1998). The film was also chosen to be shown at Cinema do Líder at BBB 21, and brought laughter and tears from the participants.

At the moment, with the COVID-19 pandemic getting worse in our country, this feature comes as a breather at the end of a long, light week that makes you laugh. To forget, at least for a few hours, our difficulties.

Directed by Rodrigo César, the film was made in a partnership between Paris Filmes and Downtown Filmes and has other big names in the cast such as Adriana Birolli (Luana), Lucy Ramos (Commander Lee).

Lucicreide Vai Pra Marte opens on March 4th in theaters.



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