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Review | Made for Love- Season 1


Fortunately, in recent years, more and more works are approaching extremely important subjects, especially for women. movies like beautiful revenge, who beautifully campaigns against rape and works like I May Destroy You, also from HBO, show a common reality that increasingly needs to be exposed. HBO seems to want to invest heavily in this content and has launched Made For Love, an incredible series that uses science fiction to point out the absurdities of an abusive relationship.

the comedy presents hazel (Cristin Milioti), married with byron (Billy Magnussen), billionaire owner of the giant technology company Gogol. Hazel looks like she has it all, lives in a place that feels like heaven, has what money can buy, and doesn't have to worry about a thing. However, it doesn't have something very important: freedom. Byron is a controlling man who prefers to feel safe in a cube - literally - that he built for himself and took Hazel to live, never being able to leave the place. He also wants her health, and for that he controls her daily habits, her food and her routine.

Made For Love/ Image: HBO

When he claims that he and Hazel will be the first to try out his revolutionary new project, Made For Love, a chip implanted in couples that allows them to read their thoughts and see their every move, Hazel resolves to flee from this life. At first she attempts suicide, a detail that does not go unnoticed by the viewer, as it demonstrates that she prefers death to being more controlled by this man. But when he discovers a way out of the cube, he ends up taking the chance to escape.

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That's when Hazel arrives at Father's house (Ray Romano) that the real criticisms of abuse begin. All the acquaintances, whom she abandoned for a decade after marrying Byron, don't believe she suffered in that period, after all, how could it be such a bad thing to be taken care of by a rich man? They just don't realize that, even though it seems like a good intention, being indoctrinated in what to eat, when to go to sleep, how to feel pleasure and what to do in free time is a huge type of abuse. To make matters worse, Hazel is chased by her husband's employees and discovers that the chip has already been implanted in her brain, without her consent.

Made For Love/ Image: HBO

Through Hazel's battle to get rid of Byron, the first season uses a sour humorous tone to point out all sorts of different abuses that even her father suffers from choosing to maintain a relationship with a synthetic doll. The protagonist's past also reveals some moments that criticize bad parenting, showing how much a child can suffer for their parents' mistakes. It is noteworthy that even Byron's very abusive relationship with his employees is pointed out.

The wonderful acting reinforces the messages of the series. Milioti shows several different facets throughout the plots, making the transformation that the marriage caused in her very evident. Magnussen delivers the perfect profile of the most dangerous type of abuser, the one who shows concern and love but becomes extremely harmful by not knowing how to deal with his own issues, crossing boundaries and being very controlling.

Made For Love uses a light and funny plot to expose different types of abuse that are not always considered absurd by outsiders, but are serious and need to be addressed.



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