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Criticism | Crime Tycoons

The feature film Guy Richie 2019, finally arrives in Brazil. Crime Tycoons is a film that mixes comedy with good doses of an investigative narrative.

Throughout history, we’re introduced to Fletcher, played by Hugh Grant, which delivers a great character, far from what viewers are used to seeing him in romantic or genre comedies.

Fletcher is a detective who is extorting Ray (Charlie Hunnam), which works to Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey). Pearson is the king of cannabis trafficking in England and created a system that involves the noblest of the English court, and now he wants to sell all this property, but ends up having certain problems in the process, which are told by Fletcher.

Between a flashback story being cut by the current events in Mickey's life, Crime Tycoons delivers good doses of everyday situations in the lives of these villains who end up becoming comical.

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The funny thing about all this is that there are no “good guys” in the plot. We ended up rooting for the villains, if it is to have a side inside all this crazy story created by Guy Richie.

Crime Tycoons, like all Guy's work is full of violence mixed with nervous smiles coming from the viewer, who doesn't know what to expect from the scenes to come. The screenwriter and director of the film is a true master in weaving a story with twists and turns within twists. Not always what you think will happen or happened, it was exactly that way.

Guy works as the eye and the human mind can somehow mess up what is being seen or lead you to have certain certainties that never existed. And this is taken to the viewer who thinks that because he has a broader view of the film, he has all the answers, to reach the end and discover that he was also deceived by the film.

The work also brings great actors that give much more life to this rich history, as Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan and Colin Farrell.

Crime Tycoons is a film that gets to be light, within its aggressive style and that must be seen more than one more to make sure that it did not lose any details or ended up being wrapped inside this web of the director.

Thunder Wave note
Crime Tycoons is a film full of twists, that even the most attentive viewer may miss some detail if they are not attentive.


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